Semantic Analogy for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Oct 29, 2020, 18:58

Every SSC aspirant understands and knows the value of strengthening their logical and reasoning subjects. This section is one of the most scoring and manageable sections of the entire paper. If you are practising the chapters of this section, do not skip the Semantic Analogy questions.

Semantic Analogy is one of those chapters that you should be thorough with because it will undoubtedly hold many marks in the exam. As you can score easily in this chapter, it would be unwise not to practise Semantic Analogy questions and SSC exam answers. All you need to do is practise similar questions a few times.

Important Topics of Semantic Analogy



Analogous Pair Analogy

In these types of questions, you will get a common link between the words. You need to find the connector. 

Number Based Analogy

There will be a pattern in the question. All the numbers will be connected. So, find the best suiting option accordingly.

Alphabet Based Analogy

There is a cross-connection that has to be established between the left-hand side alphabets and the right-hand side alphabets. 

Direct Analogy

In these questions, you will be given direct connections. All you need to do is choose the best suitable option. Read the question thoroughly before answering.

Tips to prepare Semantic Analogy questions for SSC

  • Find the best relationships between the words or number while giving the Semantic Analogy online test for SSC exams
  • Take up the Semantic Analogy quiz for SSC exams to get well-versed with the shortcuts.
  • Try to learn and figure out Semantic Analogy tricks for SSC exams so that you can save time in the exam.
  • It is always suggested that a candidate should at least read and practise all the Semantic Analogy topics for SSC exams; once.

Importance of Semantic Analogy

  • The quantitative section helps in accessing the candidate’s logical sensibility. 
  • Semantic AnalogyAnalogycovers a good weightage in various government exams.
  • It allows the students to apply their understanding in the exam, which helps to tackle multiple real-time situations with ease.
  • It is high-scoring that can help in improving your overall score.

Most Recommended Books for Semantic Analogy

Though there are several Semantic Analogy practice test for the SSC exam, if you are looking for a dedicated book, then here are the ones you should pick from:


Books for practising Semantic Analogy questions


A complete guide of logical reasoning


A modern approach to logical reasoning


Logical and Analytical reasoning

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With the entire Semantic Analogy syllabus for SSC exams, all the aspirants can brush up their skills with the set of Semantic Analogy practice set for the SSC exam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the essential topics of Semantic Analogy?

A1. To get command on Semantic Analogy, you need to practise Analogous pair analogy, number-based AnalogyAnalogy alphabet-based AnalogyAnalogy and direct AnalogyAnalogy.

Q2. Is Semantic Analogy important WRT competitive studies?

A2. This chapter holds close to 10 marks in many competitive exams, and in many, you see the scores even more. So if you are looking for easy scores to increase your overall percentage, this chapter is significant.

Q3. Are there any types of Semantic Analogy?

A3. The types of semantic AnalogyAnalogyare listed above, check them and keep practising questions related to those topics.

Q4. Is it essential to learn the concept?

A4. Semantic Analogy problems in SSC exams can be solved only when you have practised enough times. It indeed is an easy topic, but you need to know the tricks to solve it more than a concept.

Q5. What if I am unable to complete the Semantic Analogy? Can I skip it?

A5. Do not skip the chapter, or else you might lose easy scores. Get to the website or app of BYJU'S Exam Prep and learn the topic with ease.