Seating Arrangement for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 2, 2020, 17:04

Seating arrangement questions are one of the most frequently asked questions in many government exams. These questions are asked in the reasoning ability sections and hold a high weightage. There are different ways in which these questions are generally asked in any exam, but SSC aspirants should not neglect this topic.

If you are preparing for SSC & Railway exams, then you must get well-versed with this topic. Before you appear for this exam practise the different types of seating arrangement questions. If you are new to this topic, then first you should understand the concept and then start attempting seating arrangement questions.

Apart from SSC exams, this topic is also covered in other government exams; so to crack these exams, you need to know solving tricks

Important topics of seating arrangement SSC 2020




Until and unless it is mentioned in the question; the top of your page will be the north direction for you. The right side of the page for the candidate will be left direction and so on.

Linear Arrangement

All the questions where you are asked about an object placed or people sitting horizontally, vertically, or diagonally are linear arrangement questions. 

Circular Arrangement

Facing to the centre and facing outward are the questions that are a part of circular arrangement questions. 

Seating Arrangement in a photograph 

In a photograph seating arrangement question, make sure that the directions are changed while taking a photo.

Complex Arrangement

In complex arrangement questions, you will get questions from two sections; one from table formation and second from matric tabulation. In both these sections, you will get a set of numbers of columns and rows. Keep in mind both these things while solving. Missing out on any one of these can lead to wrong answers.

Tips to prepare Seating Arrangement Questions

  • Learn the concepts in this chapter.
  • All the questions of seating arrangement SSC reasoning will have some direct information given. Look out for that information and write it down first.
  • After the previous step, look for the indirect information in the question and fill it in the blanks you have left. 
  • The direction where all the people are facing is very important, so keep a tab on that.
  • While in a circular seating arrangement, make sure that you choose one way to solve it. Make it either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Importance of Seating Arrangement Questions

  • Check the logical ability of the candidate.
  • Seating Arrangement questions access the reasoning ability of a person.
  • They come in a cluster which makes scoring high marks easier.
  • These questions also help in accessing the memory of a candidate.

Most Recommended Books for Seating Arrangement

Though you will find a lot of seating arrangement question’s pdf with answers for the SSC exam, you can also refer to the books listed below.


Books for practising Seating Arrangement questions


A complete book for puzzles and seating arrangement


Radhey ki reasoning 2.0


Radhey ki reasoning- Reasoning and puzzle master

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Therefore, if you are a candidate preparing for SSC CGL examination, understanding and practising Seating Arrangement questions is important. This topic has a good weightage, and it's comparatively easy to score marks in this section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the important topics of seating arrangement?

Answer: The important topics that need to be covered include assumptions, Linear arrangement, Circular arrangement, Seating arrangement in a photograph, Complex arrangement.

Q2. Is seating arrangement important WRT competitive studies?

Answer: Seating arrangement questions have a lot of weightage in the logical and reasoning section. There are several questions related to one situation, and this makes it even more important. 

Q3. Are there any types of seating arrangement?

Answer: The various types including linear, circular, stage, auditorium, classroom, boardroom seating arrangement. Similarly, you get a few more sections, but these are the most common ones. 

Q4. Is it important to learn the concept?

Answer: There is no such concept or formula that can help you in solving this question. All you need to do is check the different ways and use logic to solve the questions. 

Q5. What if I am unable to complete the seating arrangement? Can I skip it?

Answer: It is highly suggested that a person preparing for SSC & Railway exams should practise seating arrangement questions, and skipping it can lead to fewer marks in your exams. You can take a seating arrangement quiz SSC and learn from seating arrangement notes pdf that is available on BYJU'S Exam Prep.