Para Jumble for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 30, 2020, 17:08

The English section is an integral part of the SSC exams. The Staff Selection Commission is an organisation under the Government of India, which holds tests for different posts all over India. Students need to understand varied aspects of the English language to score well in para jumble questions. Para Jumbles for SSC are jumbled sentences that are not in their right order. The candidate has to apply verbal and logical understanding to unjumble the sentences, i.e., set them in the right order.

The examiner can test the candidate's reading and reasoning skills through this part of the English section. It is a crucial part of the SSC exams. Therefore, the candidate must thoroughly understand the syllabus and know every part by heart.

We will take you through detailed information regarding exam patterns, syllabus, and para jumble topics for the exams. Every year a lot of students undertake the exam, with lots of aspirations. One must prepare well to be successful in the exam. You must have an in-depth knowledge of para jumbles for SSC, Railway & Other Competitive Exams.

Important Para Jumbles Topics for SSC exams

Para jumbles are an easy topic, and one can score well in this part through a good approach. One must always approach para jumbles with a scientific approach.



Transition words

Transition words give you clues about the paragraphs and help you put them in series. This helps connect the different ideas in the paragraphs.

Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns refer to a person, place, or thing. This is a good lead. A personal pronoun is always used after the mention of the object.

Demonstrative Pronoun

If a sentence mentions a demonstrative pronoun, without the mention of a noun or noun phrase, then it has come in the previous sentence.

Tips to Prepare Para Jumble for SSC exams

  • Practice a lot: Para Jumbles can be well understood through examples and practice. Practice a lot of para jumbles quiz for SSC exams.
  • Para Jumbles Tricks for SSC exams: You must learn some tricks to solve para jumbles. These will help you immensely and also increase your solving speed. 
  • Give para jumbles online tests for SSC exams: You must attempt multiple Para jumbles online tests and quizzes before the final exam. This will give you an idea about para jumbles syllabus for SSC exams.
  • Use Acronym Approach:  If a sentence with a short form has been used, then it will be preceded by a sentence with a full form for the same.
  • Time sequence approach: Time and dates follow a sequence. The earlier ones precede later dates and times. 
  • Noun, Pronoun, and Adjective Approach: A pronoun always comes in the sentence where the noun is used. A pronoun can never be written after a break. Pronouns are preceded by nouns.
  • Opening-Closing sentences approach: An opening sentence always uses an indefinite article with the noun. A closing sentence does not contain any pronouns and contrasts words. 

Importance of Para Jumbles in the English Section

Reasoning ability is important for all the aspirants for SSC exams. Reading speed is an important aspect checked through para jumbles. The Para jumbles are a test of both reasoning and reading skills, which makes it very special.

  • It helps the examiner to understand your IQ
  • Para jumbles are a clear indication of your reading speed and comprehension abilities
  • Putting jumbled sentences in the right order also shows your logical ability
  • Para Jumbles help the examiner scrutinise the best candidates.

Recommended books for Para Jumbles

You can go through the following books to help with para jumbles:

  • SSC para jumble English by A. Upadhyaya
  • Jumbled paragraphs and sentences by Manisha Bansal

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Para jumble is an important part of the SSC Exams preparation. One should go through all the available study material, and practice para jumbles tips and tricks for SSC exams. This will help you succeed in the SSC exams with the help of para jumbles questions and answers SSC exams.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to improve my para jumbles solving power?

Answer: You must know all the tips and tricks related to para jumbles. It will help you ace the para jumbles section. Practice a lot of para jumbles quiz questions to test your abilities. 

  • What is the best book for preparing para jumbles?

Answer: You can choose from these good books: SSC para jumble English by A. Upadhyaya and Jumbled paragraphs and sentences by Manisha Bansal.

  • How to keep a check on my progress?

Answer: You should go through a lot of para jumbles online tests for SSC exams. It will help you keep a tab on your progress.

  • What is the best approach to solving para jumbles?

Answer: There are different approaches used to solve para jumbles. You can practice these approaches and then use them in the final paper to ace these questions.

  • If I do not have a good hold on English, how can I learn to do para jumbles?

Answer: Para Jumbles require basic knowledge about the English Language. Good books and guidance from BYJU'S Exam Prep can help you ace para jumble section easily.