One word substitution

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Nov 18, 2020, 18:12

One word substitution for SSC CGL comes under prominent topics under the English and reasoning section, delving deeper into making a logical connection between a group of words and a single word. You can practice with one-word substitution questions for SSC CGL and other online materials. One word substitution is taught much earlier to kids from class 6-7 in CBSE English, and hence, this is one of the scoring topics.

One needs to have a thorough grasp of English and its words, which is used to find a single word for a group of words. You can get one-word substitution notes pdf for SSC CGL from BYJU'S Exam Prep for free. One word substitution is an important topic and comes in the comprehensive English test of SSC CGL, Railway Exams and many more national and state level exams.

Important One-word substitution Questions example

1- A person who thinks only of himself

  1. Egoist
  2. Eccentric
  3. Proud
  4. Boaster

2- Ram speaks less in the forum. Ram is

  1. Unintelligible
  2. Reticent
  3. Garrulous
  4. Banal

3- This is the practice of having several wives.

  1. Polygamy
  2. Dotage
  3. Monogamy
  4. Bigamy

3- Gayatri doesn't know how to read and write. Her friends call her:

  1. Illiterate
  2. Invulnerable
  3. Blindfolded
  4. Headstrong

4- A person who insists on something

  1. Disciplinarian
  2. Stickler
  3. Instantaneous
  4. Boaster

Tips to Solve/Prepare One Word Substitution Questions

  1. Have a firm grasp on the English Language.
  2. Dictionary is a must to prepare for one-word substitution questions and answers. It would be a useful asset for your practice.
  3. Try to make a habit of practising at least 5 words per day in the one-word substitution category. Write those 5 one word substitution questions for SSC CGL practice in a separate copy.
  4. Refer to this copy every day, so you can easily memorize it.
  5. Practice one-word substitution quiz for SSC CGL with your friends. Earn points and get a treat.
  6. For Hindi medium students, practice one-word substitution quiz in Hindi from BYJU'S Exam Prep.

Importance of One Word Substitution in English Comprehension in SSC CGL & Government Exams

  1. Carries one mark per question, which is easy to get.
  2. Challenges your memory and English competence.
  3. Helps the exam takers rule out the non-English speaking candidates.
  4. One-word substitution questions for competitive exams are very easy to tackle and hence save your overall exam time where each second counts.

Most Recommended Books for One Word Substitution

Reference books are an important tool to prepare for the one-word substitution questions for SSC CGL and other competitive government exams and boost the candidate's confidence. You can find reference books for one-word substitution from BYJU'S Exam Prep easily. There are a variety of questions that prepare you for the exam.

BYJU'S Exam Prep English Comprehension Practice Papers

Practice Book For Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitutions, Phrasal Verbs & Miss Spelt_Rajeshwari Publications

One Word Substitution - Arihant Publications

Why prepare One Word Substitution from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is a simple and easy site to prepare for any government exams like SSC CGL and other competitive exams. It provides a singular platform for all your queries where you can practice all your questions and solutions. You can find one-word substitution quiz for SSC CGL on BYJU'S Exam Prep.

One word substitutions is an easy topic which comes in English comprehension section in SSC CGL exams. You can practice these questions at home using the internet or a dictionary. Make a habit of learning at least five one-word substitutions every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find a one-word substitution quiz with answers?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is a free ed-tech site where you can prepare for the SSC CGL and other competitive exams. You can find all the previous question papers on one-word substitution on BYJU'S Exam Prep.

  1. Is one-word substitution an important topic for SSC CGL?

Yes, one-word substitution is an important topic for SSC CGL and other competitive exams. Each question carries one mark and is easy to get.

  1. How do I prepare for one-word substitution for SSC CGL?

You can prepare for the English comprehension subject which covers one-word substitution also. First, have a good grasp on the English language where you will need to understand the meaning of words well. A dictionary will help in solving the one-word substitution questions for SSC CGL.

  1. Is there any tip to prepare for one-word substitution questions in a fun way?

Yes, you can practice the one-word substitution quiz for SSC CGL with your friends and family. Make a points system and a reward for the winner. It will be a short and fun game.

  1. Does SSC CGL consist of questions of one-word substitution?

Yes, the English comprehension subject consists of the one-word substitution type questions. It can also be in the logical reasoning section.