Number System for SSC & Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 19, 2020, 17:48

A number system is an essential component of the quantitative section of competitive government examinations. BYJU'S Exam Prep provides a comprehensive study on number systems for aspirants of SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and SSC MTS exams. BYJU'S Exam Prep’s material on number systems in mathematics contains indispensable number systems and codes, number system formulae, and number system charts.

Below we have shared details to help students prepare for the number system quantitative aptitude by providing them with information on number system quantitative aptitude questions. This information can be supplemented with number system quizzes and number system notes for competitive exams. These number system quizzes for SSC CGL come with number system short tricks for SSC CGL, number system concept for SSC CGL, and number system problems SSC CGL.

Important Number Systems Topics for SSC Exams



Number System

A number system is a system of representing or expressing numbers in a set pattern of a given manner.


A number is a mathematical symbol employed to count, measure, and label value.

Tips and tricks to Prepare Number Systems Questions

The number system is a predefined system of numerical representation. Therefore, the most useful fundamental to solve number system questions is to learn the following:

  • Л is a rational number, so solve it similarly in equations.
  • 51 is not a prime number, as is the common misconception. It is divisible by 17.
  • If you have to calculate an even number through a formula, the sum of two odd numbers is even.

Importance of Number Systems in Quantitative Section of Competitive Government Exams:

Becoming well-versed in number systems is important for aspirants of SSC for the following reasons:

  • Number systems represent numbers of a given set in a consistent manner that enables students to understand the pattern behind them.
  • Number systems allow students to operate arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, and division, forming a significant part of developing quantitative aptitude.
  • The number system helps to represent numbers in a small symbol set and is thus an easy concept to grasp.
  • They help students determine the value of a number by examining its position in a number system and the number system base.

Most Recommended Books for Number Systems

There are countless books available in the market for preparing number systems for the SSC exams. Here are the ones we most recommend:



Number Systems and the Foundation of Analysis

Elliot Mendelson

The Number Systems

Solomon Feferman

The Number System

HA Thurston

Introduction to Number Theory

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Chat, Dr. Ather Aziz Raina, Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Wani

An Introduction To The Theory Of Numbers 5th Edition

Ivan Niven, Herbert S Zuckerman, and Hugh L Montgomery

Why prepare Number Systems from BYJU'S Exam Prep? 

BYJU'S Exam Prep is the one-stop website for aspirants of SSC to prepare number systems for the quantitative analysis section of various competitive exams. The preparation guide on number systems provided by BYJU'S Exam Prep covers all important topics like number system formulas available in PDF, number system formula list, number system concepts, number system study material and study guide, and number system problems. It also contains questions from previous years and sample questions to help them prepare for taking the actual test. BYJU'S Exam Prep also offers aspirants study material on number systems in Hindi and number system questions and solutions in Hindi available for download in PDF. The several mock tests on BYJU'S Exam Prep contain a number systems quiz, number system questions available in PDF, number system short notes, and number system shortcuts.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I find sample number systems questions with solutions?


BYJU'S Exam Prep provides its students with number system shortcuts and tricks PDF and number system problems with solutions.


  • How many types of number systems are there?


There are four types of number systems:

  • Decimal number system (Base- 10)
  • Binary number system (Base- 2)
  • Octal number system (Base-8)
  • Hexadecimal number system (Base- 16)


  • Are the number systems convertible?


Yes, numbers in one system can be converted to numbers in another system through formulae and equations.


  • Is there a Base 1 number system?


Yes, it is called the unary number system. It is also the simplest and easiest number system.


  • Are there different number systems for different countries?


Originally, countries around the world were using their own historically developed number systems. However, now the Hindu-Arabic number system is the one internationally used and is common everywhere. Other number systems that are regionally used in national and traditional affairs across the globe include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tangut, Abjad, Armenian, Āryabhaṭa, Cyrillic, Ge'ez, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Inupiaq, and Roman.