Number Analogy for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Oct 29, 2020, 19:07

Reasoning ability is a very important section in the SSC exam and a big portion of this section is covered by the Number Analogy questions. The questions related to this chapter hold a high weightage in the exam. It is easy to score marks in this section by simply understanding and practising these questions a few times, which you can do with the Number Analogy practice test SSC exam.

If you are an SSC aspirant, don’t neglect this topic. Make sure that you practice these questions so that the Number Analogy Questions and answers SSC exam become an easy task for you.

Important topics from Number Analogy



Concepts of number analogy

The number analogy is a system that helps in determining the knowledge and analysis strength of a student using numbers and a series of alphabets. 

Basic Rule

The basic rule is an easier topic wherein you will have to simply determine the relationship between the left-hand side number and the right-hand side numbers.

Develop Rule

In the develop rule topic the candidates have to develop a relationship between all the alphabets or numbers given in a question. 

Number Analogy 

The relationship that the student has to find will be between the total number of digits, between even or odd numbers, between square root and square of digits, and so on.

Alphabet Analogy

In this, the relationship to find is between vowels and consonants, the order of positions, and so on.  

Tips to prepare Number Analogy Questions

  • Practice your question with Number Analogy quiz for SSC exams
  • Be very thorough with the basic and advanced Number Analogy rules.
  • Before selecting an answer in the Number Analogy online test for SSC exam, make sure that you read all the options.
  • Attempt to establish a relationship between the first pair of words, symbols and numbers.
  • Create a sentence out of the analogies you get in the exam.

Importance of Number Analogy

  • It helps in checking the logical strength of the aspirant.
  • Number Analogy topics for SSC exams help in checking the wits of the candidate in terms of reasoning.
  • It allows the student to score well with minimal effort.
  • It also makes the memory of a student better.

Most Recommended Books for Number Analogy

If you wish to explore the Number Analogy syllabus for SSC exams then here are the best books to refer:


Books for practising Number Analogy questions


SSC publication 2.0 (Hindi & English)


Exam Goalpost, SSC CGL Guidebook


Kiran’s SSC CGL question bank

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the important topics of Number Analogy?

A1. Important topics of this chapter are Concepts of number analogy, basic rule, develop rule, number analogy, and alphabet analogy.

Q2. Is Number Analogy important WRT competitive studies?

A2. Yes, this chapter is important and scoring if you are preparing for any SSC exam. If you get a grip on the topics that are there in this chapter, you can easily score good marks. Number Analogy tricks for SSC exams can go a long way in mastering this section.

Q3. Are there any types of Number Analogy?

A3. The Number analogy has no further types. You have to just learn and understand the various topics that come under this chapter. It’s vital to learn the Number Analogy formula for SSC exams.

Q4. Is it important to learn the concept?

A4. There is a simple logic behind these questions and you can get them by practising the question a few times. You can also learn from Number Analogy questions and answers pdf for SSC exams.

Q5. What if I am unable to complete the Number Analogy? Can I skip it?

A5. It highly recommended that candidates should not skip this chapter because it is easy and scoring. Number Analogy practice tests for SSC exam are available on BYJU'S Exam Prep where you want to learn or brush up your skills.