Non-Verbal Series for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Oct 28, 2020, 13:32

Non Verbal series is an extremely wide field, and you would find plenty of questions from this topic in exams such as SSC CGL and various Railway Exams. Non-verbal series for SSC exams mostly have questions about paper cutting, mirror images, figure image, embedded figures, and such continuation of images. You need to practice more and more nonverbal series questions and have a look at nonverbal series rules in order to excel in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC CPO, RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, RRB JE, RRB Paramedical exams.

All the details about the Non-Verbal Series questions including important topics, recommended books and tips to excel at it is mentioned below. To begin with, you must solve previous year questions of Non-Verbal Series and learn all the tricks to solve the questions. After that, regularly practice mock test and sample questions to improve your efficiency in solving them and minimise errors.

Important Non-Verbal Series Topics



Paper Cutting

You must observe the paper, and it’s cutting carefully. If required, you can draw rough drawings as well.

Mirror Image

You must remember that, the top and bottom part changes, but the left and right image remains the same.


The question can be based on odd and even or even on the multiples of any number.


Have a close look at the figures and the pattern which it is forming.

Embedded Patterns

Here you need to have a close look at the pattern to answer the question.


Odd or even placement or alphabets or may be the formation of meaningful words from the alphabets may be asked.

Tips to Solve/Prepare Non-Verbal Series Questions

  • Practise will help you you master non-verbal series questions and answers in SSC exams. Thus, keep practising more and more verbal series questions.
  • Try to pay minute attention while solving non-verbal series problems in SSC exams to note all the frequent mistakes and improve them.
  • While preparing for non-verbal series topics for SSC exams, try to draw the rough diagrams. You will be able to find answers to non-verbal series quiz for SSC exams through these rough diagrams only.
  • For alphabet related questions, you can also try to prepare non-verbal series notes for SSC exams. Assemble all kinds of questions and tricks in your notes to make the revision easier.
  • While preparing for non-verbal series online test for SSC exams, make sure that you carry a rough paper along with you.
  • Work on your analytical skills as much as possible while you are preparing for non-verbal series practice set SSC.
  • It is very important to go through the non-verbal series syllabus for SSC exams. This is very important to gain full marks in this area.
  • One of the most important non-verbal series rules is to gain full knowledge of odd and even numbers, alphabet placement, mirror and water images, and likewise.

Importance of Non-Verbal Series in Reasoning Section of Railway and SSC Exams

  • Non-verbal series problems in SSC exams can earn you full marks. They are easy and high scoring ones.
  • Non-verbal series questions and answers SSC exams help in building analytical thinking and quick calculation ability.
  • Non-verbal series tricks for SSC exams help to concentrate and focus more on the examination.
  • While giving more and more non-verbal series online tests for SSC exams, you can be really quick in completing the exams.

Most Recommended Books for Non-Verbal Series


Book Name

Author Name



Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

Kiran Publication

Conceptual clarity in simple language in one of the biggest USP


Logical and Analytical Reasoning

A K Gupta

Huge number and varied questions for practise

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Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Verbal Series

1- How to prepare for the non-verbal series questions for the upcoming railways and SSC exams?

One of the easiest tricks to prepare for the non-verbal series questions is by practising more and more. You also need to pay attention to the minute details thoroughly.

2- How can I improve my speed in the verbal series questions?

Practising different kinds of questions and previous year questions will help in improving the speed.

3- How to avoid negative marking in the verbal series questions?

You must answer only when you are 100% sure and try to avoid guessing.

4- What books can help me prepare for the verbal series questions?

Any good quality reasoning books are quite helpful in answering the verbal series questions.

5- Any other tip to score full marks in the verbal series questions?

Try to practice previous years' questions to gain full marks in verbal series questions.