Non-Verbal Reasoning for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 29, 2020, 18:49

Non-verbal reasoning questions are an important part of preparing for Railway and SSC exams. This section tests the candidate's ability to understand principles based on non-verbal explanation and then solve these verbally expressed problems using logic and reasoning. This capability of candidates tells the employers about their comprehension skills and how much work they can do based on their understanding of the instructions given to them.

In questions related to non-verbal reasoning, you are given a paragraph based on several principles vis-a-vis reasoning questions are asked. This particular section holds a lot of weightage concerning competitive exams in the country. The key to preparing this section well is to practice consistently and get accustomed to the type of question asked in the exam you'll be attempting. Different exams have different types of Non-verbal reasoning questions and non-verbal quiz. Good preparation and keeping Non-Verbal Reasoning notes for SSC exams are important if you want to attempt SSC and railway exams.

Important Topics Under Non-Verbal Reasoning 

Non-verbal Reasoning sections consist of mainly three parts in most competitive exams:

Analytical reasoning: 

The candidate is required to understand the given passage in a way that he/she can draw reasonable conclusions based on the information provided.

Diagram Interpretation: 

Requires an understanding of complex display material to be able to answer contextual Non-Verbal Reasoning questions related to it. Also tests attention to detail skills.

Logical reasoning: 

This test the candidate's ability to critically analyze and complete the given question based on the minimal information provided. This also tests the candidate's skill to speculate.

Non-verbal analogies: 

Non-verbal analogies are correlations between two subjects or ideas dependent on their relations or similarities. A case of a non-verbal similarity is, "A bike to a parking deck is like a sip in the dock."


A premise reasoning question is a suggestion that will legitimize or actuate a conclusion. Consequently, a reason is a presumption that something is valid. So based on the given information, a reasonable conclusion has to be marked. This also correlates to deductive reasoning.

Tips to solve/prepare Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions 

  • Consistent practice of Non-Verbal Reasoning questions and answers SSC exams.
  • Watching youtube videos on Non-Verbal Reasoning tricks for SSC exams,
  • Improving attention Detail
  • Sorting question related to pictorial reasoning
  • Try a lot of Non-Verbal Reasoning online test for SSC exams and attempt a lot of unsolved Non-Verbal Reasoning online test for SSC exams,
  • Follow all Non-Verbal Reasoning rules before attempting the questions
  • Consistent revision is the key

Importance of Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning skills give an idea of a person's capacity to think, reason, and tackle issues in various ways. Non-verbal thinking tests are a common factor in tests for enrollment in many enterprises, for example, finances, banking, executives counselling, accounting, auditing, mining, and bookkeeping. The tests are a productive method to select contenders for later phases of the enrollment cycle.

The tests typically incorporate a series of text sections concerning a random subject. There will also be a series of statements relating to the text sections. The candidates should then decide whether those statements are valid, bogus or they can't decide. The candidate usually doesn't know anything about the context of the subject. The answers are supposed to be purely based on the information provided in the paragraph. On the whole, this section holds a lot of significance.

Most Recommended Books to Prepare Non-Verbal Reasoning

Some best selling and most effective books for preparing the Non-Verbal Reasoning topics for SSC exams:

  1. R.s Aggrawal-non verbal reasoning
  2. M.K Pandey- Analytical Reasoning 
  3. Mishra & Kumar Dr. Lal - Multi-Dimensional Reasoning
  4. Pearson- Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations

These books elaborately cover the Non-Verbal Reasoning syllabus for SSC exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is non-verbal reasoning?

Answer: Non-verbal reasoning skills give an idea of a person's capacity to think, reason, and tackle issues in various ways.

  1. Are non-verbal reasoning questions important for SSC and Railway exams?

Answer: Yes, this section is very important for SSC and railway exams as the entire reasoning section contains 25+ marks.

  1. Is non-verbal reasoning scoring in competitive exams?

Answer: With regular practice and consistent efforts, this section is the easiest to solve and the most scoring bit. It requires improvement in your overall thinking skill.

  1. Is it possible to prepare for the Non-Verbal Reasoning questions and answers pdf for SSC exams, in one month?

Answer: Yes, this section comprises basic reasoning critical, and analytical thinking skills. With the correct preparation strategy, it is possible to prepare in one month for topics like non-verbal reasoning in a short period. However, critical thinking and logic is an art that requires life-long consistency.

  1. What is the weightage of marks given to Non-Verbal Reasoning problems in SSC exams?

 Answer: Questions on non-verbal reasoning contain around 10-15 marks.