Figural Classification for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 28, 2020, 16:39

Almost all the competitive exams test your aptitude before you move on to the next round of the process. This round has general questions that test your overall capabilities and preparedness for the role. Reasoning questions form a relevant part of all the competitive exams. Exams test you on different types of questions on reasoning in which Figural Classification questions are quite common. You should study Figural Classification topics for SSC exams thoroughly because one can easily score in these sections.

You can refer to the Figural Classification syllabus for SSC exams to prepare for other similar exams like bank PO, IBPS Clerk, AAO. NABARD, etc. Figural Classification problems in SSC exams are quite common. Therefore, it gives you an avenue to improve your reasoning skills before the exam and can help you ace this particular section.

Figural Classification Rules

Figural Classification questions can have several formats. Exams do not follow a particular pattern when it comes to reasoning questions. You can take up a Figural Classification online test for SSC exams to understand the level where you stand and set your goals accordingly. Figural Classification questions and answers pdf for SSC exams are available online if you want to practice and strengthen your base strong.

Question Type


1. The rotation of the same figure

These question types are simple to solve. You have to rotate the shapes either clockwise or vice versa.  Also, you have to decode the pattern and choose the next figure according to the switching sequence.

2. Number of lines

Different figures have a different number of lines or elements. You need to identify the number of elements and then try and decode the sequence.

3. Division of figures

You can easily find these questions in a Figural Classification practice set SSC. In these questions, the division of the figures takes place in a pre-defined ratio. You need to understand the logic and work accordingly.

4. Similar figures

In these question types, they give you some figures facing different sections. They may ask you to spot the one which is not similar to the other.

5. Elements related to figures

In some cases, the larger shape and the elements of the figure would swap positions. Alternatively, with every step, a particular line or a circle might get modified. In such a case, observe the pattern.

6. Interior-Exterior Elements

In some cases, the elements located inside and outside the figure interchange places systematically. You must be mindful of what is coming next.

Go through Figural Classification questions and answers SSC exams before the exams. You will get clarity to tackle these questions and get to know some common tricks should be a part of your Figural Classification notes for SSC exams.

Importance of Figural Classification

Figural classification section holds importance in competitive exams as it helps the examiner to: 

  • Check the analytical ability of the candidate
  • Check how detail-oriented the candidate is
  • Get an understanding of the reasoning skills of the candidate
  • Get an idea of good a candidate is in analysing pictures and figures

Most recommended Books for Figural Classification Questions

You can refer to different books to practice and also keep a tab on the Figural Classification formula for SSC exams. Some of the most common books for preparing for figural classification are as follows:



A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning

Dr R.S. Aggarwal

A New Approach to Reasoning

B.S Sijwali and S. Sijwali

BYJU'S Exam Prep reasoning quizzes are also a great source for these questions.

You can take several Figural Classification practice test SSC exams on the BYJU'S Exam Prep platform to practice and understand the areas where you need more practice.

Why prepare for Figural Classification from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is a leading name in the online education industry. A lot of people recommend this website. Also, it is an ideal platform if you are looking forward to preparing for any kind of competitive exams. Also, you can find thousands of questions to practice from. BYJU'S Exam Prep has a repository of questions on figural classifications which will help you in practising and mastering the art of solving these questions. BYJU'S Exam Prep is the best place for practising questions on logical reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Are questions from Figural Classifications asked in all competitive exams?

Answer: Mostly, they are. However, the number of questions may vary from paper to paper. All bank exams will have at least one question from this area.

  1. Where can I practice figural classification questions?

Answer: You can use resources available on the BYJU'S Exam Prep website to prepare. You can also opt-in for some popular books like A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning for your practice.

  1. Are all of the Figure classification questions picture based?

Answer: As the name suggests, all of these questions have some figures involved. Therefore, pictures would be used as a means to represent these questions.

  1. Can I use common tricks to solve figural classification questions?

Answer: Yes, you definitely can use the tricks to solve these questions. It’s highly recommended to practice multiple ways of solving questions to find and master the method that works best for you.

  1. Do figural classification questions appear in Railway exams?

Answer: Yes, these questions appear in most of the railway exams. Therefore, make sure to practice them.