Emotional Intelligence for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 2, 2020, 14:22

Emotional intelligence questions are often asked in various competitive exams such as SSC CGL (combined graduate level), SSC CHSL (higher secondary level), SSC MTS, RRB JE, RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, etc. Mastering the skill of emotional intelligence will not only lead to your personal growth, but it can also be a major reason for your success in competitive exams. Emotional intelligence questions, if answered correctly, can fetch you a decent score in the SSC exams and Railway Exams.

This section tests various emotional intelligence quotients of the candidate, such as empathy, right decision-making skills, leadership skills, compassion, managing social and personal relationships, and self-management skills. Emotional Intelligence questions and answers SSC exams are designed to flaunt the candidate’s emotional awareness skills.

Important emotional intelligence topics

Emotional Intelligence notes for SSC exams comprise various components covered in Emotional Intelligence topics for SSC exams. Given below are the basic topics that come under the concept of emotional intelligence.




Your presence of mind and self-knowledge, which means knowing one’s own emotions and feelings about oneself and for others are being tested, which you can master by taking the Emotional Intelligence online test for SSC exams.


Deciding without being impulsive or over-emotional is called self-management. It tests one’s moral values and sincerity towards all the work undertaken by the individual. Honesty and integrity also come under self-management.


Responding to every challenge cheerfully is what positivity is all about. Optimistic thoughts can reap miraculously positive results in every situation of life. Emotional Intelligence practice set SSC, will help you understand this concept better.


Understanding others by putting oneself in other’s shoes is empathy. Being empathetic makes one a better person. The emotional Intelligence quiz for SSC exams will accurately guide you through this section.

Social skills

Coordination, collaboration, interpersonal skills, building relationships, understanding social needs, and flaunting leadership skills are the basics of social skills, which is an important part of the topic of emotional intelligence. The emotional Intelligence practice test SSC exams are appropriately designed to understand this section flawlessly.

Tips to prepare for emotional intelligence questions

Follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks to solve emotional intelligence questions with better accuracy.

  • Whatever the situation is, you have to accept it instead of thinking about changing it and then decide that it is appropriate to the situation.
  • The proverb “Practice makes a man perfect” is never an old adage, as it is very true when you desire to be successful in competitive exams so emotional Intelligence questions and answers pdf for SSC exams can be the ultimate destination to improve your emotional intelligence quotient.
  • Be mindful, as your presence of mind will be assessed while you attempt emotional intelligence questions.
  • Picture yourself as a responsible citizen of the country and flaunt your integrity while deciding.
  • Be optimistic about every issue and take the challenge of solving it positively. Your right approach towards a situation can increase your score, especially when you understand these Emotional Intelligence rules perfectly.

Importance of emotional intelligence in the reasoning section of SSC and railways exam

  • Reasoning carries 25% marks with a deduction of 0.25 applicable for every wrong answer, hence, you cannot afford to do the guesswork in this section.
  • The examiner needs to check the emotional intelligence of the candidate, as they will be positioned in responsible posts once they qualify for this exam.
  • Having a good command of the emotional Intelligence problems in SSC exams will not only improve your ranking but will also save your time for attempting other questions.
  • Nowadays, emotional intelligence is tested even during interviews, so you can easily assume the importance of it in competitive exams where the candidate’s personal and social skills are tested.

Best books of reasoning with most popular Emotional Intelligence quiz for SSC exams

Below-mentioned is the list of the most recommended books to ace the topic of emotional intelligence in the competitive exams:

Lucent Reasoning by Arihant publication

It is the most recommended book to enhance your problem-solving quality and decision-making skills.

Reasoning quizzes by gradeup

The most trusted publication, where you can find the ultimate Emotional Intelligence tricks for SSC exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Emotional intelligence questions

Ques: What is emotional intelligence?

Ans: The capability of taking the right and responsible decision while being empathetic towards others is called emotional intelligence. It refers to qualities like empathy, self-awareness, courage, positivity, and mindfulness.

Ques: Why is emotional intelligence an important component in SSC and railways exam?

Ans: Being a part of the reasoning, which carries 25% marks, emotional intelligence questions are generally asked every year as the emotional intelligence quotient is considered important in all competitive exams.

Ques: What kind of questions are asked?

Ans: The kind of question which will check your thought processing skills are asked to determine if you can make a proper decision in the given situation.

Ques: What is the best way you can prepare for the emotional intelligence section?

Ans: The best way is to enrol for the best online course where all kinds of questions are covered with doubt clearing sessions, mock tests, and quizzes to boost your chances of success.

Ques: How to improve your emotional intelligence skills overtime?

Ans: Practising with the right set of questions in the right way will eventually improve your emotional intelligence quotient.

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