Embedded Figures for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 18, 2020, 17:34

Are you preparing for Embedded Figures questions for SSC and Railways exams? Embedded figures hold a profound role in RRB Group D, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, RRB NTPC, SSC CGL, RRB JE, RRB NTPC, and RRB Group D exams. It is one of the most intriguing and paramount topics of utmost importance.

Since it is a part of non-verbal reasoning, concocting all embedded figures questions and answers pdf for SSC exams can escort good marks and boost the overall performance. Embedded figures are also known as hidden figures because the data gets concealed inside one another. Rigorous practise is required to solve embedded figure questions and formulating an effective preparation strategy is key to success. The article will focus on how to effectively prepare embedded figures questions and answers for SSC exams along with information about embedded figures tricks for SSC exams.

Important Embedded Figures topics for SSC & Railways Exams

While devising for the Embedded Figures questions, it's essential to focus on the critical topics to get good marks in SSC and Railways Exams. Here is the rundown of the most significant Embedded figures topics for SSC exams recommended by professionals.



Complex Answer Figure

At the point when the question figure is joined by four complex alternatives yet the question figure (x) is implanted in any one of the choices.

Complex Question Figure

Here, a complex question figure with four option figures is embedded inside the question figure.

Tips to Solve/Prepare for Embedded Figures Questions

  • Stay updated regarding the most recent Embedded Figures questions for the SSC exam as it will assist you with monitoring the topics that you have to prepare. Do an in-depth analysis of the paper pattern and apprehend it accordingly.
  • With practice only one can master Embedded Figures Questions, so make a habit of solving Embedded figures practice set SSC.
  • Chalk out the proper timetable and devote significant time to practising questions and Embedded figures quiz for SSC exams. Go through the rules of the Embedded figure every day, and you get acclimatized with the concepts and complexities of the topic.

Importance Embedded Figures Questions in Government exams

  • The reasoning is a part of all Government exams like SSC & Railways Exam. So by preparing for embedded questions, you get ready for other competitive exams.
  • It helps in identifying the reasoning ability of the candidate. Reasoning skills also help in one’s ability to understand new experience and knowledge.
  • This topic is easy and can be done deftly in the exam if you are prepared well. You get time to concentrate on other complex questions.
  • Every year questions are asked so you can uplift your overall score in the examination and improve your chances of getting selected in SSC and Railways.

Most Recommended Books for Embedded Figures questions

Take a sneak peek at the list of most recommended books for Embedded Figures questions-




Lucent Reasoning

Arihant Publication

Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

R S Aggarwal

Logical & Analytical Reasoning

Ak Gupta

Why Prepare for Embedded Figures Questions from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

Learning is the end goal of education. Similarly, the goal of exams is to swing good marks. Embedded figures may sound simple but it is highly confusing as all the options appear identical. Hence, excellent guidance and a structured preparation strategy are needed. Byjusexamprep is crowned as the top examination preparation destination for students and offers structured live SSC courses, full syllabus coverage, and carefully crafted Embedded Figures questions and answers SSC exams and Embedded figures quiz for SSC exams.

If prepared well, Embedded Figures questions are simple to crack and scoring topics. One of the most crucial things in exams is time. Solving questions quickly not only depends on your calculation ability but also ken of Embedded figures formula for SSC exams. Learn the Embedded Figures formula for SSC exams thoroughly and take the Embedded Figures practice test SSC exam regularly as it will help to improve question-solving skills. Study well, score well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many Embedded Figures questions are asked in SSC and Railways examination?

One or two questions are asked every year from embedded figures.

  1. How can I study Embedded Figures questions for SSC exams without coaching?

Embedded Figures questions are easy to comprehend and can be prepared easily. Even BYJU'S Exam Prep offer high-quality notes and conduct quizzes for speedy preparation.

  1. Which topics should one focus on while preparing for the reasoning section of SSC 2020?

The following topics demand due importance and consideration:

  • Analogy
  • Classifications
  • Embedded Figures
  1. How can I get the latest Embedded figures syllabus for SSC exams?

You can download the latest syllabus from the official website – ssc.nic.in

  1. Are Embedded figures problems in SSC exams easy to solve?

Yes, questions are simple and straight-forward. If you know Embedded figures tricks for SSC exams, you can solve it in no time.