Drawing Inferences for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 30, 2020, 15:09

Drawing inferences problems in SSC exams is often asked in the question paper which leads applicants to seek professional help. Among several subject sections, drawing inferences is a subsection of reasoning where a conclusion or opinion is formed due to a few evidence or known facts. Here, drawing inferences questions are offered to the candidates in addition to multiple inferences. Drawing inferences is a major part of varied examinations, including SSC, Competitive Bank Examinations, CAT, CLAT, and more.

Candidates need to figure out the inference in accordance with the statement to solve the drawing inferences questions. Candidates must go through the drawing inferences questions and answers to SSC exams, helping students to maximize their academic and professional potential.

Important Drawing Inferences Topics for SSC and Railways Exams 2020




It deals with Algebraic Identities, Factorization & Simplification of Polynomials along with Simplification of Fractions.


Deals with the understanding of Theta, i.e., sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, cosec and studying their relationship


Focuses on properties of angle, lines, polygon, quadrilateral, the concept of triplet, angle, triangle, and more

Profit & Loss

Deals with the understanding of profit and loss theory


This is a type of Drawing inferences topics for SSC exams where students are offered two or more statements followed by a conclusion, where students need to select any one option.


The questions are based on the relationship drawn between two significant elements.


A set of elements are offered, and it is a must to select and classify the odd element.

Figure problems

4-5 images are provided in a question with a significant relationship. You need to find the missing image and by following a similar pattern.

English comprehension

Deals with an understanding of basic grammar

Synonym/ Antonym

It offers questions pertaining to antonyms and synonyms.

One word constitution

It comes with 8-9 questions pertaining to one-word substitution

Spotting errors

It evaluates the basic knowledge of command on a language

General Science

Understanding of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer


Understanding the varied facets of the Indian Constitution


Deals with the knowledge of Indian History


Knowledge of Physical Geography and Indian Geography

Tips to Solve Drawing Inferences Questions

You will find the Inference questions in every SSC examination. These are useful for testing the verbal reasoning quality of the candidate.

Firstly, download drawing inference questions and answers pdf for SSC exams, and then you can start with the preparation.

  • Read the question and clearly understand the question well.
  • It is a must for candidates to understand the statement, and by using the knowledge, it is recommended to choose an inference.
  • Hunt the clues and narrow your choices.
  • Utilize the procedure of elimination.
  • Solving the inference questions requires a profound understanding and logic imposed behind the questions.
  • These can be quite tricky, and practising them can provide the necessary confidence to tackle them. Additionally, download the drawing inferences syllabus for SSC exams for easy understanding.

Importance of Drawing Inferences in SSC Examination

Offering a large array of benefits, the section also endows significant importance in the academic paper and showcases why you need to take drawing Inferences Online Test For SSC Exams.

  • It is beneficial for testing the logical understanding and ability of an individual.
  • It helps to analyze the reasoning ability of an individual.
  • It furthermore helps to assess the reasoning skill of an applicant.

Most Recommended Books for Drawing Inferences

Preparing for the SSC examination and drawing inferences is not an easy task. Instead, it requires skilled preparation, research, and studying to give your best shot. Here are a few of the most recommended books.


Name of Writer

Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning

Dr. RS Aggarwal

Lucent Reasoning

Arihant Publication

Verbal & Non-verbal reasoning (Hindi)

Kiran Publication

Logical & Analytical reasoning (English)

A K Gupta

Why prepare Drawing Inferences from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

Preparing for the examination needs to be sought from nothing but the best. BYJU'S Exam Prep is one such platform that not only promises but also lives up to each of its claims. BYJU'S Exam Prep has been designed to guide candidates, curate the ideal drawing inferences formula for SSC exams, and help them crack examinations with varied drawing inferences practice test SSC exam, shortcut methods, strategies, and tricks.

  • Helps you solve questions through well-drawn drawing inferences tricks for SSC exams and strategies.
  • Offers significant drawing inferences practice set SSC for student’s benefit.
  • Guides candidates to strengthen their basics well.
  • Helps to clear doubts and concepts as relevant to the individual subjects.
  • Offers the most affordable service in the field, in addition to not compromising the quality of drawing inferences notes for SSC exams.

Hence, if you ever feel the need to resolve drawing inferences problems in SSC exams, please reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drawing Inferences questions

Q1: What is the best example of an inference question?

A: In this type of question, the answer choice that repeats or rephrases anything from a passage is wrong. The inference instead needs to be based upon any line from the comprehension.

Q2: How many kinds of inferences are there?

A: There are two significant kinds of inferences, namely deductive and inductive. Make sure you learn each drawing inferences rules well.

Q3: Are the drawing inferences quiz for SSC exams always correct?

A: It can be valid even if the parts are not true, and can also be invalid if some parts are true.

Q4: How to answer drawing inference questions and answer SSC exams?

A: It is a must to read and understand it well, and then use the procedure of elimination.

Q5: What is the total mark in the SSC exam?

A: Total marks in the SSC exam is 200, with a total of 100 questions.

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