Decision Making for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 28, 2020, 18:26

Decision Making is one of the most important parts of the reasoning section of the syllabus. Decision making questions are one of the most frequently asked questions in different exams like – RRB NTPC, SSC CGL Exam, SSC CPO Sub Inspector Exam, SSC CHSL Exam, RRB JE, RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories and likewise. Decision-making questions in one of the simplest forms mean analysis and then reasoning. One of the basic decision-making rules is that you need to only believe the statement and then judge the course of action accordingly.

Below mentioned are all the details about the Decision Making questions asked in SSC and Railway Exams. Along with the important topics of Decision Making, you will also find details about books for Decision Making questions and tips & tricks to solve such questions.

Important Decision-Making Topics




These are the sentences given in the questions. You must consider the statement as a fact in order to answer the question correctly.


A Decision is an analysis or the conclusion on which the customer will reach after reading the statements.

Tips to Solve/Prepare Decision Making Questions

  • It is very important to practice decision making questions and answers SSC exams. More and more practice with different types of questions will help to solve decision making questions.
  • Practising previous year’s questions can also help give correct answers while taking the decision making an online test for SSC exams.
  • To understand the decision-making topic for SSC exams, it is very important to practice different types of questions. Under the decision making a quiz for SSC exams, you get mathematical questions, analytical nature, language and literature, and even science and much more. Thus, practising different types of questions will give you a fair idea about the variety of questions being asked in decision making questions and answers PDF for SSC exams.
  • One of the most important decision making tricks for SSC exams is to pay minute attention and read between the lines while solving decision making questions. Looking for common keywords while solving decision-making topics for SSC exams can also be helpful.
  • While solving decision-making practice set SSC, you can also note down important points. This will help make correct and fast answers while you are solving decision-making problems in SSC exams. In some cases, you can also try drawing figures to answer decision making questions and answers PDF for SSC exams.

Importance of Decision Making in Reasoning Section of Railway and SSC Exams

  • Decision-Making questions can fetch you full marks. These are easy, quick, and high scoring areas of your question paper.
  • Decision Making questions and answers SSC exams help in channelizing our thoughts in the best analytical and logical setup.
  • Decision-Making tricks for SSC exams is instrumental in helping students to concentrate and focus in a much more productive way.
  • Correctly solving decision making questions and answers PDF for SSC exams can help you to gain extra time against other time taking questions during the examination.

Most Recommended Books for Decision Making

Find the best books to complete and understand the Decision Making questions asked in the exam.


Book Name

Author Name



Analytical Reasoning

M K Pandey

A Huge variety of questions with answers are explained in the simplest language


A New Approach to Logical Reasoning

B S Sijwali + Indu Sijwali

Conceptual clarity along with tips and tricks to crack the chapter

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BYJU'S Exam Prep presents a snapshot by including all the previous year’s question patterns and thus helping you to get conceptual clarity about the Decision Making questions. BYJU'S Exam Prep has many practice sets which on regular practice will help to gain an edge over time and accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Decision Making

1- Any shortcut to preparing for the decision making questions for the upcoming railways and SSC exams?

Regular practice is the key. Try to cover at least the previous 5 years questions from all of these exams and more where decision making questions are asked.

2- How to be 100% sure while answering decision making questions?

Try to pay attention to important keywords. Read the question, and the options are given twice so that there is no confusion.

3- What is a secret trick that no one tells you while answering decision making questions?

Keep a rough notebook close. You can note down any important data, or you can also make figures when required.

4- Is any book other than the ones listed above which can help me in preparing for the decision-making topic?

Try to practice from the CAT books. They are of a higher level and thus you will be able to gain confidence through these books.

5- How to avoid negative marking in decision making questions?

Answer only when you are sure and don’t try to guess if there is a negative marking system.