SSC Exams 2020: Top 10 Idioms on Fruits & Vegetables (Part 1)

By Neha Uppal|Updated : May 29th, 2020

SSC Exams 2020 | Top 10 Idioms on Fruits & Vegetables (Part-I): Idioms & Phrases is an important part of almost every SSC exam that you appear in, be it SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, SSC GD Constable, SSC MTS etc. It is difficult to decipher the meaning of the idioms therefore it becomes important for you to learn at least 10 idioms each day. Here in this article, we have categorised the idioms into a separate category 'Fruits & Vegetables' so that it becomes easy for you to memorise in the long run.

SSC Exams 2020 | Top 10 Idioms on Fruits & Vegetables (Part-I)

List of IdiomsMeaningUsage in sentence
The apple of your eyeUsed to refer to someone whom you are fond of.Raman is the apple of his parent's eye. 
A Bite at the cherryAn opportunity to start or achieve somethingSSC CGL exam is a bite of the cherry for many aspirants.
Apples and OrangesTwo things that cannot be comparedRadha is good at painting while Ridhi is good at music both are like apples and oranges.
Lemon A vehicle that is inefficientThe second-hand car that I bought is a lemon.
PeachUsed to refer to something or someone who is beautifulRaksha feeds helpless children on the streets every weekend. She is such a peach.
A Plum JobRefers to a good jobRaman got a plum job in one of the ministries.
Go Pear shapedTo be unsuccessfulIt is okay to go pear-shaped in your first attempt. At least you tried.
Cool as a cucumberTo remain calm and composed even in a difficult situationNeha was cool as a cucumber when the manager reprimanded her.
Go BananasTo lose temper or go crazyThese days it has become normal for people to go bananas over traffic menace.

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