SSC CGL Exam 3rd Shift Analysis 7th March 2020: Review & Questions Asked

By Sachin Awasthi|Updated : March 7th, 2020

SSC CGL Exam 3rd Shift Analysis 7th March 2020. The Third Shift of SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam has been successfully concluded on 7th March 2020. Now, this is the time to share the exam analysis 3rd Shift. The candidates who are going to take the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam in the upcoming shifts are very curious to know about the detailed exam analysis of the 3rd Shift held on 7th March 2020.


We are sharing the topic-wise SSC CGL exam review 2020 of Tier 1 held on 7th March 2020 in 3rd Shift. Along with the analysis, you can check the difficulty level, good attempts, subject-wise analysis, and memory-based questions asked in SSC CGL Exam. It will definitely prove to be helpful to boost your confidence further. 

Candidates are strictly advised to go through this 3rd Shift analysis till the end so that you can get maximum benefits and score high marks in SSC CGL Tier 1 exam 2019-20.

SSC CGL Exam 3rd Shift Analysis 7th March 2020: Key Highlights

  • The duration of the exam was of 1 hour (4 PM to 5 PM)
  • The question paper of SSC CGL Tier 1 2019 exam arranged in this order: Reasoning -> General Knowledge(GK) -> Maths(Quants) -> English language & Comprehension
  • Let's have a look of subjectwise difficulty level: General Awareness>Reasoning & General Intelligence>Quants> English Language
  • There were 2-3 calculative questions asked in the Reasoning & Maths Section.
  • In the General Awareness section, 6-7 questions were from Current Affairs
  • 3-4 Questions were asked from Static Section
  • Maths Section was easy to moderate as most of the questions were simply formula-based and a few were calculative
  • In the English Language Section, most of the questions were from previous years' papers
  • The overall difficulty level of the questions paper lies in between Easy to Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 7th March 2020 (Shift 3): Difficulty Level

In this table, we have segregated overall subject-wise difficulty level:

SectionNo. of questionsQuestion Asked level
General Knowledge25Easy
English Language & Comprehension25Easy
General Intelligence & Reasoning25Easy

SSC CGL 3rd Shift Exam Review 7th March 2020 (Section-wise)

SSC CGL Shift 3 Exam Review 7th March 2020: Quantitative Aptitude (Easy)

Topics AskedNo. of Questions
Boat & Stream0
Data Interpretation3-4
Heights and Distances-
CI & SI1
Mixture & Alligation-
Pipes & Cistern-
Profit loss & Discount1
Number System1
Ratio & Proportion1
Time & Work1
Speed, Time and Distance1

SSC CGL Shift 3 Exam Review 7th March 2020: General Intelligence & Reasoning |(Easy-Moderate)

Topics AskedNo. of Questions
Paper folding1
Embedded figures1
Counting of Figures1(Triangle)
Arithmetic Reasoning1
Alphanumeric Series1
Distance Direction test-
Figure series1
Mirror Image1
Mathematical operator1
Missing Number series1
Logical Venn diagram2

SSC CGL Shift 3 Exam Review 7th March 2020: English Section | (Easy)

Topics AskedNo. of Questions

One Word Substitution


Idioms & Phrases


Filling in the blanks 


 (Synonyms & Antonyms) Vocabulary




Para jumbles


Error Recognition


Cloze test



2 (1 from both topics)

Sentence Completion


SSC CGL Shift 3 Exam Review 7th March 2020: General Awareness | (Moderate)

Topics No. of Questions

Indian & World History


Indian Polity




Economy (Basic)








Static GK


Current Affairs


SSC CGL Shift 3 Exam Analysis 7th March 2020: Good Attempts

SectionGood Attempts
General Awareness15-16
Quantitative Aptitude18-19
English Language21-22
General Intelligence and Reasoning18-20
Overall Attempts75-85

Memory Based Questions Asked in SSC CGL 3rd Shift Exam: 7th March 2020

We are sharing with you some of the exact questions that appeared in the SSC CGL Tier I 7th March Shift III examination today:

  1. Who among the following has written The great Indian novel? Shashi Tharoor
  2. Which of the following states is not a neighbor of Madhya Pradesh? Orissa
  3. Which of the following sites has been dedicated to the nation by Narendra Modi? Victoria Memorial Hall.
  4. Who was the founder of the Swaraj Party? CR Das, Motilal Nehru,1923
  5. What is the number of Carbon and hydrogen atoms present in Propane? C3H8
  6. Torr is the unit of which of the following? Pressure


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History & Mistery
In Jain community ,what is the meaning for "Jinn"?
Akshaya M

Akshaya MMar 7, 2020

Ramsar convention is for the conservation of? Wetlands

AshuMar 7, 2020

What a difference in level.. on 5th I was hardly able to attempt 80ques with 90% accuracy.. and today every one have attempted more than 90

AshuMar 7, 2020

SSC is joke.
Neetu Choudhary
Sir, aaz ke teeno shift ki pdf
Deepak Kumar
Today shift was overall tough ..maths and reasoning was  lengthy and gk was also tough in comparison to previous day
Neetu Choudhary
Sir, aaz ke teeno shift ki pdf
Anantha Krishnan
I remember 24 qstns of gk 7th march shift 3. 1. Meaning of the word jina in Jainism : 2. Velocity of sound in air 3. Who appoints advocate general of the state : governor 4. Outermost layer of earth : crust 5. Person who came into limelight by constructing roads through local funding : Amster Prema 6. First indian company in 10 million market capitalisation : Reliance 7. Tibet: Home of the Aryans written by: Swami dayanand saraswathi 8. Jaugada rock edict of ashoka in which state: Odisha 9. A stands for in UDAN : aam 10. No of carbon and hydrogen atoms in propane. 11. Angle of benzene bonds: 120 12. Great Indian Novel written by : Shashi tharoor 13. Which state does not share border with MP : Odisha 14. National Sports day: Aug 29 (my birthday😉) 15. Select the dance form which is correctly matched: Yakshagana- Karnataka. 16. Who founded swaraj party. 17. Torr is the unit of: pressure 18. Which is the building that was not inaugurated in the recent visit of pm modi in kolkata? 2 options were metcalfe and Victoria memorial 19. Which animal is not there in national emblem : camel 20. In 2020 make in india is through which ministry? Ministry of finance was not there in the option. 21. Ramsar convention related to: wetlands 22. Governor of J and K : H C Murmu 23. Most densest stable element on earth: Osmium 24. One question related to Sustainable development goals. SDG1 SDG6
Sham Rajput
Torr is the SI unit of which of the following? Question was wrong because torr is cgs unit. Can we challenge this question?
Shashank Yadav
kya koi question aaisa aaya tha spelling wala .... eighty ninety eighteen ..... karke

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