Questions asked in RRB ALP Stage II: 23 January 2019 (All Shifts)

By Rahul Chadha|Updated : January 23rd, 2019

Questions asked in RRB ALP Stage II: Today is the last day of RRB ALP Stage II exam process. The overall exam process was conducted in total 9 shifts to recruit 64000+ eligible candidates for the post of Assitant Loco Pilot & Technician. Coming to the core, we are here to help you with the real questions asked in all the shifts held today i.e 23 January 2019.

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Scroll down for real questions & try to solve each question. Write your marks in the comments section below.  This will help you know the level of your preparation. You will also get to know where you stand among real competitors. 

RRB ALP Stage 2 Questions Asked: 23 Jan (All Shifts)

  • Medal won by India in RIO 2016?
  • Bacteria was discovered by ?
  • Who was the First RBI Governor?
  • Where is UNESCO headquarters?
  • Which festival is celebrated as Harvesting Festival?
  • Author of Mrs. Funny Bones? Twinkle Khanna 
  • Directive principle is taken from which country? Ireland
  • Folk dance of Himachal Pradesh? Natti
  • Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of UN? Germany
  • Who invented Blue Jeans? Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. 
  • Winner of IPL 2018? Chennai Online Classroom Program Kings
  • Find the value of 5 sin x -2 cosec x if x =30 degree?
  • Find the area of an equilateral triangle of side 8 cm? 16 root 3
  • Folk Dance of Assam? Bihu was not in the options
  • Farad per metre is a unit of? Electric Permittivity
  • Which institution gives permission to a foreign country to trade in India?
  • What is the Dimension of the A4 size sheet? 8.27 × 11.69 inches
  • Who was the chairman of Drafting Committee? Dr. BR Ambedkar
  • Angle made by the clock hands at 2:30 PM? 105 degree
  • One question related to Specific Heat?
  • SI unit of Specific Conductance? Siemens per metre
  • Convert temperature value from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • Sodium-vapor lamp Color? Yellow
  • Living Planet Report 2018 is published by? WWF
  • National Skill Development Ministry?
  • Magnetic Conductance is related to?
  • Which ray is obtained in welding fire?
  • √2025 +√12225?
  • If A buys 8 oranges at 5 Rs and if sells 5 oranges at 8 Rs. Find the profit percentage?
  • Who received Dada Saheb Phalke award posthumously? Vinod Khanna (Recent)
  • Who wrote 'The monk who sold his Ferrari '? Robin Sharma
  • Where is Umaid Bhavan situated? Rajasthan
  • Shiva Kumar Sharma plays which instrument? Santoor
  • Which of the following gases was discovered by Henry Cavendish? Hydrogen
  • Who was the captain of Chennai Online Classroom Program Kings Team 2018? MS Dhoni
  • Which Country is not a permanent number in UN Security Council? Germany
  • A vendor incurs a loss of 20% after selling an article at Rs 32. Find the Cost Price of the article? Rs 40
  • Find the area of Hexagon when side given is 10 cm? 150 root 3
  • Question from series was asked:- -0.15,-0.9,-0.3,? 0.3
  • Speed = 64 Km/hr, Time = 50 minutes, By how much speed should be increased so that the person reaches his destination in 40 minutes?
  • Idler pulley is used for?
  • 2 questions based on R22 refrigerant.
  • Is the nature of Freon toxic?
  • Convert 2 Ton to horsepower (metric)
  • The position of the expansion valve in the VCR cycle?
  • Highest temperature in VCR cycle
  • 2 questions based on R134a
  • 2 questions from Cassettes ac position topic
  • Flairing based question in split AC.
  • What is split AC?
  • What is Hermetically sealed compressor?
  • Capillary tubes used in refrigerator having tonnage lower than??
  • Function of spring bender related to copper tubes in ac.
  • Best way to detect leakages in split ac??
  • 18GSW equivalent to mm??
  • Which of the following is not a refrigeration cycle?
  • Right angle corners are filed by which file - square ,triangular or circular??
  • Curve shapes are cut by which snip?
  • The ratio of the present age of Leela and her mother is 3:5. At the time of Leela's birth, her mother was 25 years old. Find the present age of Leela's mother?
  • If the voltage of bulb filament is raised, then what will be the effect on the resistor?
  • Alphabet Series: axyzbbxyzcccxyz

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