RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis 2018-19, Paper Level was EASY

By Rahul Chadha|Updated : January 21st, 2019

RRB ALP Exam Analysis 2019 (Stage 2): Railways Board has started the Stage II process by conducting the Assitant Loco Pilot/ Technician Exam today. The exam started at 8:30 AM & lasted for 90 minutes i.e 11:00 AM. In the first 90 minutes, Part A was conducted & in the last 60 minutes Part B was conducted. Part B was based on the exam trade selected by the candidates. In this article, we will provide you with the sectional & overall difficulty level of the Stage II exam. Also, at the end of the article, we will share some real questions to help you know the nature & level of the paper framed by the board.

RRB ALP Exam Analysis 2019, 22nd Jan Slot 1

RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis 2018-19: 21 January (Shift I)

Basic Science & Engineering40EASY TO MODERATE
GK & Current Affairs10EASY
  • The questions were not arranged section-wise. Mixed questions were asked.
  • The time duration of the exam was 2 hour 30 minutes i.e. 150 minutes.
  • In GK section, 2-3 questions were based on current affairs.
  • As notified earlier, 40 questions were from Basic Science & Engineering section. The level of this section was in the range of Easy-Moderate.
  • 10 questions were from GK & Current Affairs Section
  • 75 questions (Part B) were based on the exam trade.

Please note that you need to score 26.25 marks (75%) to qualify the Part B Trade Exam.

Coming back to the core, let us now go through the overall difficulty level of the exam. According to the students who appeared for the Railways Exam, the overall level of difficulty was EASY-MODERATE.

RRB ALP Exam Analysis 2019 (Topic-wise)


  • 1 question was asked from the Statement & Conclusion topic
  • No questions were from Statement & Arguments topic
  • 2 questions from Statement & Assumption topic
  • There were few questions based on Logical Reasoning
  • No question from Water Image
  • There was one question based on the Mirror Image
  • 5-6 questions were from Distance & Direction topic
  • No question from Clock & Calendar
  • 3-4 questions were from both Coding Decoding & Series
  • 2 questions from Coded Blood Relation topic. (A@B types)
  • 1 question from Counting of Lines


  • 2 questions from Time & work
  • No questions from Partnership topic
  • There were 2 Age-Based questions
  • No questions from Percentage
  • Series based questions were there
  • Mixed questions (2D + 3D) from Mensuration. There were 7-8 questions from Area & Volume
  • Although there were questions based on Algebra in Maths & Physics Exam trade, there were no questions from Algebra in Part A.
  • There were 2 questions each from the topic Mean, Median, Mode & SI, CI.

Basic Science & Engineering

  • 3 questions from Projections
  • 2 questions from Views
  • 1 question from Instrument
  • 1 question from Lines
  • No questions from Geometric figures & Symbolic Representations
  • 3-4 questions from Heat & Temprature
  • 5-6 questions from Lever & Simple Machines
  • No question from Environmenal Education
  • 6-7 questions from Speed & velocity
  • There were 3 numerical & 2 theoretical based questions from Work, Power & Energy i.e 5 total questions
  • 2-3 questions from Basic Electricity
  • 2 questions from Occupational, Safety & Health
  • 3 questions from Mass, Weight & Density
  • 1 question each from Units, Measurements & IT Literacy

GK & Current Affairs

  • There were total 10 questions from this section
  • 2-3 questions from Current Affairs Section
  • Other questions were based on Static GK section

 Questions asked in RRB ALP Stage II Exam (Part A)

  • Who is the highest goal scorer in the Indian Football team? Sunil Chhetri
  • Who is the recently appointed president of Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC)? Himanta Biswa Sarma
  • Which country does not belong to the group of the middle east country? Honduras
  • Where is Angarwat Temple situated? Cambodia
  • 'My Unforgettable Memories' is the autobiography of which of the chief minister? Mamata Banerjee
  • White light spectrum was first used by whom? Issac Newton
  • Which class of lever requires bearing support?
  • Definition based question on Mechanical Advantage.
  • 1 Horse Power =___________watts
  • 1 KwH= __________Joule
  • How many kinds of views can be obtained using an auxiliary view? Three
  • One question based on planes.
  • What is the unit of Electrical Resistivity? ohm⋅metre (Ωm)
  • A clinometer is used to measure? It is used to measure the height of things that one possibly can't reach the top of for instance flagpoles, buildings, and trees.
  • One question on Class III lever.
  • 0.35,0.49,0.63,0.77, ?
  • Who is known as 'The Pablo Picasso of India'? MF Hussain
  • Who got Bharat Ratna for the first time in sports? Sachin Tendulkar
  • Folk dance of Jammu & Kashmir - Rauf
  • Military exercise held between India and US is termed as- Vajra Prahar

Questions asked in RRB ALP Stage II Exam (Part B - Maths & Physics Trade)

  • One numerical was asked where Mass was given and you need to find the distance.
  • A ball is thrown upwards. What would be the acceleration at the top point? 
  • One question was from projectile motion.
  • FORCE X TIME = ?
  • Numerical based questions on Work & Energy were asked.
  • Flow of current in Paramagnetic substances?
  • Which of the following is a vector quantity?
  • Which color shows maximum deviation? Violet
  • Find the value of power, if focal length was given.
  • Eye lens is made of which lens?
  • Which type of Uranium is used in nuclear fusion?
  • Which of the following is not a vector quantity? Distance

Appearing for RRB ALP Stage II Exam? Kindly take few minutes to fill the RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis Feedback Form: RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis Feedback Form

All the best!

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Adibabu Kvraotkr
Which is least resistivity metal
Adibabu Kvraotkr
Which is highest resistivity metal asked in cb2 part A shift1 jan 22
Raaz Srivastava
Esme se ek hi question nii the subah k shift m..
Mayuri Bhutekar
Sab galat hai... Maine khud exam Di hai Kal...bohat moderate level thi.... relevant nahi tha....aur sab bol Rahe hain exam easy thi....nahi yar...bahot study ki thi tab bhi acha nahi gaya...I am depressed...@ Rahul chadha sir please guide me...
Pankaj Jindal
Head of drafting committee

PULLI RAJESHJan 23, 2019

what will be the expected cutoff sir
srinivas vadlamudi
Tuning fork wavelength is 8.5m and velocity of sound is 340m/s so what is the frequency ?solve it please I am getting 40 hz but that option was not available
Hariom Verma

Hariom VermaJan 24, 2019

ALP CBT2 23rd January exam was much easy then expected. Part A was easy but the solving problems took enough time and were time consuming. Overall Trade exam was easy enough!
Somesh Singh Gaharwar
Chutiya h jo bol rha ppr easy tha
Rajendra Lora
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