Quick Revision Tips and Strategy for SSC CHSL 2021 Exam Preparation

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : July 6th, 2021

Quick Revision Tips and Strategy for SSC CHSL 2021 Exam: SSC has scheduled SSC CHSL 2021 Tier 1 exam for the remaining candidates from 4 Aug - 12 Aug 2021. It is time we wind up our preparation and focus more on the revision. Time is less to start a new topic which is why we bring to you a few quick revision tips in the form of this article. SSC will soon release the SSC CHSL 2021 Admit cards, Exam dates and centre city.

Quick Revision Tips and Strategy for SSC CHSL 2021 Exambyjusexamprep

SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude 2021: 

  • Try to practice a good number of questions mentally without using pen and paper.
  • Revise all the formulas, important theorems, notes and pay attention to the mistakes you had been committed in your mocks. Here, comes the role of the handwritten notes of the important formulae which you had been revising throughout the preparation. 
  • Take enough mock tests
  • While practicing mock tests focus on increasing the speed with maximum accuracy. 
  • Practice different types of DI questions as they will surely boost your scores along with your calculation skills. 
  • Keep revising important questions noted throughout the preparation.
  • The most important thing is: Do not read or practice anything new. 
  • Last but not the least,  Do not stop practicing questions from the Quantitative Aptitude Section. This will help you maintain the speed till the end. However, do not overdo it. If you have maintained a diary consisting of all the difficult or tricky questions then this is the best time to give it a quick revision. 

SSC CHSL English Language 2021: 

For English last 30 days study schedule should be based on only three factors: 

  • Revision
  • Practice Mock test
  • Solve Previous Years Papers

Revise the basic concepts of English Grammar. Revising the concepts would help in a better and quick application of grammar rules in the questions and this way helps you solve the questions quickly. In addition to that, aspirants can revise the topics that they still struggle with.
Revising the following from the syllabus in these last few days would be very beneficial: 

  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Important Rules of Preposition
  • Important Rules on Parallelism
  • Rules of Conjunctions
  • Tenses
  • Active-Passive
  • Direct-Indirect Speech
  • Conditional Sentences

Practicing Mock Tests
After revising the concepts mentioned before, you can practice the sectional mock tests from that topic. Practising the mocks would help in analysing that if you are able to apply the concepts in the questions. Mock tests would help in those topics, which are not repeated frequently and need a lot of practice to master them and developing the understanding to solve those questions.
Following is the list of the topics that must be practiced through mock tests:

  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Spotting the Error
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Improvement of Sentences
  • Grammar-Based Questions

Solving Previous Years Papers
Solving the papers makes us understand the SSC CHSL Exam pattern and also provides an in-depth analysis of the important topics. Aspirants can identify their weak and strong areas and can work on them accordingly to improve. Practicing previous years' papers are specifically important for those topics which have a vast syllabus.

Aspirants tend to think that questions from these topics are asked randomly but actually, they are asked from the Previous Years Question Papers as it is. While practicing previous years papers pay close attention to the questions of the following topics:

  • Synonyms/Antonyms
  • Vocabulary Based Questions
  • Meaning of the words
  • Spellings Error
  • Para jumbles
  • One word substitution

SSC CHSL Logical Reasoning 2021: 

  • Revise the basic concepts and go through the handwritten notes you had prepared.
  • Go through all the tricks you have learned and practiced till now. 
  • While revising tricks, practice a few questions based on those tricks.
  • Try to plan your revision plan as such that you are able to practice at least 5 questions from each kind of question from all the important topics. 
  • While practicing mock tests, maintain accuracy and speed in this section. Remember each wrong answer can prove to be costly in your final score.
  • We recommend you practice quizzes. You need not practice all the questions from all the areas but from topics such as number series, counting of figures and alphabetical series. Doing this on a regular basis will boost your score in the examination.

SSC CHSL General Awareness 2021: 

  • Go through the Current Affairs of the last 4 months as there are high chances of being asked in the exam. 
  • For the general awareness part, you should just revise and practice previous years' papers. 
  • Revise all the important notes you have prepared till now. like: list of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, important articles of the constitution, important movements from the history, important historical monuments and their construction etc. 
  • Practice previous years papers as many as you can but at the same time memorize the questions and their answers asked in the general awareness section. Most of the questions in the general awareness section are repeated from the previous years' papers. 
  • Revise formulas and other difficult data on a daily basis. Some topics like chemical names, chemical formulae, data from the periodic table are difficult to remember and hence demand revision on a regular term.

Takeaways from SSC CHSL 2021 Exam of April 2021 Shifts 

  • Go through Government Schemes of last 3 - 4 years
  • Science and Technology: space-related current affairs, the missile launched and headquarters of DRDO and ISRO
  • Previous Years Antonyms, synonyms, idioms from English Section
  • Reasoning was easy
  • Quant Section, Arithmetic can be scoring. Focus on tricks for fast calculation

In the end, we will sum up the article with a quote, 'Do something today that your future self will thank you for.'
We hope this article will be of much help to all of you. All the best!!

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