Quant Booster on Work and Wages for SSC Exam

By Shekher Rajput|Updated : March 18th, 2017

Here we are providing the about booster on the Time and Work  for SSC Exams. This is one of the most important chapters of the  Quant section and usually , covers 1 to 2 questions in SSC  exam. This chapter  is based on the concept of Time and Work. Here we will discuss some questions which are important for the SSC CGL Exams . If you practice these questions then you will get sure benefit in mains exam.

1. A can do a work in 6 days and B can do the same work in 5 days. The contract for the work is Rs 220. How much shall B get if both of them work together?

Answer: Rs 120


Total work to be done = 30 units

Efficiency of A=5 units

Efficiency of B=6 units

11 unit is equal to  Rs 220, then 6 unit is equal to Rs 120

2. A, B and C contract a week for Rs 550. Together A and B are supposed to do 7/11 of the work. How much does C get?

Answer: Rs 200


Suppose the total work is 11 units ,

A and B does 7 units and the remaining work is done by C i.e. 4 units


4=Rs 200, so share of C is Rs 200

3.  Wages for 45 women amount to Rs 15525 in 48 days. How many men must work 16 days to receive Rs 5750 the daily wages of the man being double of those of a woman?

Answer: 25 men


45 women work for 48 days get Rs.15525

45 women work for 1 day get Rs 15525/48

1 woman one day paymen=15525/48* 45

Daily wage of 1 woman=Rs.115/16

Daily wage of 1 man= 2* daily wages of 1 woman 

                                     = 2* 115/16= Rs 115/8                          

Required number of men= Rs 5750*8/115*16= 25 men

4.  A, B, and C together earn Rs 1350 in 9 days. A and C together earn Rs 470 in 5 days. B and C together earn Rs 760 in 10 days. Find the daily earning of C.                         

Answer: RS 20                        


A+B+C earns daily= 1350/9=Rs 150                      

A+C earn an amount of Rs 94 in a day

B+C earn an amount of Rs 76 in  a day

C per day earning = (A+C)+(B+C)-(A+B+C)

                                 = 76+94-150= Rs 20

5. Wages of 20 boys for 15 days is Rs 9000.If the daily wage of man is one and half times that of a boy, how many men must work for 30 days to earn Rs 13500

Answer:  10 men


Wage of 20 boys for 15 days=Rs 9000

Wage of 20 boys per day= 600

Wage of 1 boy per day= Rs 30

 Daily wage of 1 man = Rs 45

Required number of men= Rs 13500/ 45*30 = 10 men

6. If 3 men with 4 boys can earn Rs 2100 in 7 days and 11 men with 13 days can earn Rs 8300 in 8 days, in what time will 7 men with 9 boys earn Rs 11000?

Answer: 16

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