One Word Substitution related to Killing For SSC Exams

By Sandeep Baliyan|Updated : September 26th, 2017

Today we are providing you most important One-word substitutions which are generally asked in SSC and other competitive Exams.

  1. Killing of a human being  - Homicide
  2. Killing/ Murder of a king - Regicide
  3. Killing of an Infant/ newborn baby - Infanticide
  4. Killing of a race or community - Genocide
  5. Kill by putting pressure on the throat - Strangle, Strangulate
  6. Kill by suffocation(esp. by covering the face with something) -Smother
  7. Kill deliberately and unlawfully - Murder
  8. Killing of an animal for offering it to the deity - Sacrifice
  9. Killing of animals for food - Slaughter
  10. Killing of large number of defenceless persons - Massacre, Carnage 
  11. Killing of One's sister - Sororicide
  12. Killing of self or self-murder - Suicide
  13. Killing of either or both parents - Parricide
  14. Killing of one's brother - Fratricide
  15. Killing of one's father - Patricide
  16. Killing of one's mother - Matricide
  17. Killing of one's husband - Mariticide
  18. Killer of one's wife - Uxoricide

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