List of Important One Word Substitutions Beginning With M

By Shekher Rajput|Updated : June 16th, 2017

Important One Word Substitution Beginning with M

1. Martyr

Meaning in Hindi:- शहीद

Meaning in English:- One who undergoes the penalty of death for the shake of great cause.

2. Misogynist

Meaning in Hindi:- स्त्री जाति से घृणा करने वाला

Meaning in English:- A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

3. Manuscript

Meaning in Hindi:- हस्तलिपि

Meaning in English:- A book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed.

4. Mercenary

Meaning in Hindi:- स्वार्थी

Meaning in English:- Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.

5. Misanthropist

Meaning in Hindi:- मानव शत्रु

Meaning in English:- A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

6. Matrimony

Meaning in Hindi:- विवाह संस्कार

Meaning in English:- The state of being married

7. Magistrate

Meaning in Hindi:- न्यायाधीश

Meaning in English:- The person who punishes those who breaks the laws.

8. Miners

Meaning in Hindi:- खान में काम करने वाला

Meaning in English:- A person who works in a mine.

9. Movable

Meaning in Hindi:- चलायमान

Meaning in English:- That which can be moved.

10. Memento

Meaning in Hindi:- स्मारक/निशानी

Meaning in English:- An object kept as a reminder of a person or event.

11. Mob

Meaning in Hindi:- जनसमूह

Meaning in English:- Crowd of unruly people.

12. Misnomer

Meaning in Hindi:- मिथ्या नाम

Meaning in English:- A wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.

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