List of Important One Word Substitutions Beginning With C

By Sandeep Baliyan|Updated : May 23rd, 2017

Important One Word Substitution Beginning with C

1. Cardinal

Meaning in Hindi: प्रमुख

Meaning in English: Of prime importance

2. Creche

Meaning in Hindi: शिशु-गृह

Meaning in English: a nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work

3. Cosmopolitan

Meaning in Hindi: सर्वदेशीय

Meaning in English: a person who regards whole world as his country

4. Compensation

Meaning in Hindi: मुआवज़ा,

Meaning in English: Money given for requisitioned property.

5.  Chauffeur

Meaning in Hindi: ड्राइवर

Meaning in English: one, who is employed to drive a motor car

6. Curator

Meaning in Hindi: संग्रहाध्यक्ष

Meaning in English: a person incharge of a museum

7. Carnivorous

Meaning in Hindi: मांसभक्षी

Meaning in English: one, who lives on flesh

8. Cannibal

Meaning in Hindi: नरभक्षक

Meaning in English: one, who feeds on human flesh

9. Contemporaries

Meaning in Hindi: समकालीन

Meaning in English: belonging to or living at the same time

10. Cloak room

Meaning in Hindi:यात्री सामानघर

Meaning in English: a place for luggage at railway station

11. Connoisseur

Meaning in Hindi:गुणज्ञ

Meaning in English: a critical judge of any art and craft

12. Crusade

Meaning in Hindi: धर्मयुद्ध

Meaning in English: a religious war

13. Choreographer

Meaning in English: one, who teaches dancing

14. Cacographist

a person, who is bad in spellings

15. Cynic

Meaning in Hindi: दोषदर्शी

Meaning in English: one, who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men

16. Convalescent

Meaning in Hindi: स्वास्थ्य प्राप्त करने वाला व्यक्ति

Meaning in English: one, who is recovering health

17. Cavalry

Meaning in Hindi: घुड़सवार सेना

Meaning in English: soldiers, who fight on horse back

18. Cartographer

Meaning in Hindi: मानचित्रकार

Meaning in English: one, who draws maps

19. Chemotherapy

Meaning in Hindi: रसायन चिकित्सा

Controls of infections by chemicals.

20. Credulous   

Meaning in Hindi: विश्वासप्रवणता

Meaning in English: Too ready to believe

21. Collegues

Meaning in Hindi: सहयोगियों

Meaning in English:Those who work in the same department.

22. Cytology

Meaning in Hindi: कोशिकाविज्ञान

Meaning in English:Dealing with cells.

23. Credulity

Meaning in Hindi: भोलापन

Meaning in English: Trust without proper evidence readiness to believe.

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