How to Improve Speed and Accuracy for SSC CGL, CHSL and Upcoming Exams 2022?

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : August 27th, 2022

Improving Speed and Accuracy for IB ACIO, SSC CGL and CHSL 2022 Exam: Government job aspirants have tightened their seat belts and are rigorously preparing to get the selection. SSC is working in a speedy manner and releasing recruitment notifications and conducting exams on time without delay. This article would help the candidates to get useful tips regarding the accuracy and speed in the upcoming SSC exams.  Speed and accuracy both factors play essential roles in any competitive exam. To clear the exam, an ideal aspirant should have both accuracy and speed. Speed and accuracy both complement each other. Absence of any of these two variables will hamper the marks and ruin the dream of getting the Government job.

Let us see the effect of speed and accuracy on the exam result with the help of four types of cases:

1. Less Accuracy Less Speed: In this scenario, there would be fewer attempted questions, and more chances of the questions attempted to go wrong.
2. More accuracy and less speed: It means that if a candidate attempts 60 questions with 90% or more accuracy, there are chances that he might get 54 or more correct.
3. More Speed Less accuracy: In this case, a candidate might have attempted 85-90 questions, but due to less accuracy, he might get 60 or so questions wrong. And because of the negative marking scheme, he would lose more marks.
4. More Speed More Accuracy: This is the ideal case. In this case, the candidate attempts more questions, and with more accuracy rate, it would ensure that fewer questions would get wrong. So it means less marks deduction in negative marking.

"Must-Do" Practices for Improving the Speed and Accuracy

There are no shortcuts and no tips that can improve precision and pace in just a few days. During the long preparation phase of 6 - 10 months, aspirants can work on the following aspects and in the long run, these will drive them to success.   


There is no substitute for Practice: Practice can contribute to almost 50-70 percent in improving speed and accuracy. Regular practice in a timebound manner is mandatory. Adding to that, one should be consistent in that. Previous Year Questions, mock papers and sectional mocks should be solved regularly.   

Understand your weak and strong areas: Recognise your weak areas and dedicate a considerable amount of time and work on the improvement. In addition to that, aspirants should regularly brush up their strengths. Taking any of the areas for granted won't work in the long run.

Increase calculation speed: For sections like quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning, which can be a little calculative and time-consuming, candidates should always keep some short tricks and methods handy—learning tables, squares and cubes of numbers, etc. be helpful.

Effective Time Management:  This is one most important aspects of preparation and can make or break everything. Candidates can use the following tips with respect to time while giving exams:

  1. Allot the sectional time to different sections owing to their nature. Assign more time for calculative sections and less time for theoretical sections. For example in SSC CGL tier-1, 15 - 18 min can be allotted to the quant section, 12 - 15 min can be given to logical reasoning, 7 - 10 min to English Language and 8 - 10 min to the General Awareness section.
  2. Always keep 5 - 10 min in spare to revisit the questions and check if any question has been left unattended. 
  3. Take 2 - 3 min to read the question paper before jumping on to solving it. 
  4. Do not spend more than 30 sec - 40 sec on any question, especially that of the quant or reasoning section. 

Here are some hacks which would be very instrumental while solving mocks and taking exams. 

  1. Method of elimination: This method will help narrow down the choices One should first eliminate the obvious wrong options. This method would increase the possibility of marking the right option. 
  2. Options like none of these/all of these:  In questions where one of the given options is like "None of the above" or "All of the above", try to see if the other three remaining options are compatible with each other. Usually, in these types of questions, options contradict each other so candidates can quickly eliminate the wrong choices. 
  3. Art of skipping the questions: One common mistake committed by aspirants in competitive exams like SSC and Railway Exams is that aspirants get stuck on a particular question and try to solve the question. This leads to wasting their time, and the question still remains unsolved. In the end, they leave other questions unattempted which could have been solved had they not wasted their time. 
  4. Method of value putting: One more method that comes to candidates' aid, especially in the Quantitative Aptitude section. Some calculative questions can easily be solved by just putting each option one by one in the question. This method saves a lot of time in the exam hall. 
  5. Read every question: Before jumping on to the solving questions paper at least 5 min should be given to go through the whole paper and every question. This would help in prioritising the order of solving the question paper. First, candidates should solve the section, which is their strong area. This would help in boosting confidence and have a great start. Calculative and lengthy sections should be attempted in the middle order to have enough time to solve the questions and avoid possible error chances. 

Implementing the above-mentioned practices and hacks would really work wonders for aspirants and help them get those extra brownie points to get them ahead in the competitive exam.
In the famous words of Benjamin Franklin, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". 

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