Two General Types of Tyres are

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Two general types of tyres are

  1. Tube type and tubeless
  2. Solid and tubeless
  3. Air and pneumatic
  4. Split rim and drop centre

Answer: A- Tube type and tubeless

Two general types of tyres are tube type and tubeless.


A tire, often known as a tyre, is the portion of an automobile that contacts the ground and is round and ring-shaped. With pressurized air inside, tires are mounted to rims. Since the tyres are in charge of your safety and comfort while driving, one should never compromise on their quality.

High-quality tires may be a blessing for your valued automobile, but low-quality ones might be a curse because they would reduce their performance. Whether they include tubes or not, two general types of tyres are ubed tyres and ubeless tyres.

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