The Chisel Used for Cutting Keyway is

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The chisel used for cutting keyway is

  1. Flat chisel
  2. Diamond point chisel.
  3. Crosscut chisel
  4. Half-round nose chisel

Solution: 3 -Crosscut chisel

The chisel used for cutting keyway is cross cut chisel


Chisel is a cutting tool which is widely used in fields such as carpentry, masonry and other construction works.

It is made from high carbon steel or chrome vanadium steel.

Types of chisel-

  • Flat chisels: It is used to remove metal from large surfaces and removes excess metal of welded joints and castings.
  • Cross-cut or cape chisels: The chisel used for cutting keyway is cross cut chisel.
  • Half-round nose chisels: Half-round nose chisels are used for cutting curved grooves (oil grooves).
  • Diamond point chisels: At the corners, Diamond point chisels are used for squaring materials .
  • Web chisels: For separating metals after chain drilling, web chisels are used.

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