General Aptitude Notes for GATE 2024: Download PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The GATE 2024 exam will test the students’ synthesis, recall, analysis, and comprehension application abilities through the General Aptitude section. In addition, the General Aptitude section of the GATE exam tests the candidate’s grip on the English language and numerical and logical reasoning skills. The General Aptitude section is common in all Engineering and Non-Engineering branches. BYJU’S Exam Prep, with its content experts’ help, has shared the General Aptitude notes for GATE 2024, which will boost the preparation of candidates.

The General Aptitude syllabus for GATE 2024 will be released for students by IISc Banglore on its official website. The General Aptitude notes for GATE 2024 PDFs are also shared for the candidates to download. These PDFs can be downloaded by clicking the links. The General Aptitude has a weightage of 15 marks in the GATE exam which consists of questions from Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, and English sections.

Download GATE Syllabus PDF for All Branches

GATE General Aptitude: Topics and Weightage

General Aptitude in the GATE exam is designed to test the mental aptitude of students. It tests the comprehensive skills, logical reasoning skills as well as numerical abilities of students, which are not directly taught in the courses of their expertise. General Aptitude in GATE is one of the important subjects where students can score 100%, so the General Aptitude notes for GATE 2024 become very important for a student. GATE General Aptitude paper carries 15 marks, and the General Aptitude syllabus remains the same for all the branches of the GATE exam.

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General Aptitude topics for GATE

There are 4 major topics covered in the General Aptitude notes for GATE 2024 are shared below. In GATE 2024, the question paper will be designed for all branches following these four topics. The four major topics of the GATE General Aptitude paper are:

  1. Verbal Aptitude
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Analytical Aptitude
  4. Spatial Aptitude

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General Aptitude Notes for GATE PDF Download

BYJUS Exam Prep has shared the PDFs for General Aptitude notes for the GATE 2024, which will be fruitful during the final revision of the whole syllabus before the exam. Aspiring candidates can download these PDFs and save them for future revision and study purposes. These PDFs for General Aptitude Notes for GATE 2024 will boost their preparation for the GATE exam. Candidates can download the PDFs by clicking the links below.

Numerical and Reasoning Study Notes for GATE PDF
Verbal Reasoning Study Notes for GATE PDF
Quantitative Aptitude Study Notes for GATE PDF 1
Quantitative Aptitude Study Notes for GATE PDF 2
English Vocabulary Study Notes for GATE PDF

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General Aptitude Handwritten Notes for GATE 2024

Our Content experts write various articles and notes. These notes are handwritten notes by GATE toppers for their preparation which has been refined in the form of articles by our experts, which will be very helpful for the GATE exam. In addition, these General Aptitude notes for GATE 2024 will help in revising the syllabus.

General Aptitude
Numerical Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning Study Notes

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning Study Notes

Quantitative Analysis-1

Quantitative Analysis Study Notes-1

Quantitative Analysis-2

Quantitative Analysis Study Notes-2

English Grammar

English Grammar Study Notes

English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

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