Effect of Damping Study Notes for GATE ME Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Effect of Damping Study Notes for GATE ME Exam: In this article, know the important pointers for Effect of Damping like types and other terminologies, which can help you to score well in GATE ME, ISRO and other competitive exams.

Damped Systems

  • Damping is an effect that causes a reduction in the amplitude of an oscillation as a result of energy being drained from the system to overcame frictional/other Resistive forces.
  • These are the systems in which kinetic friction is zero. Technical Name of Kinetic friction in any Vibrations system is known as, Damping.

Damping in Any System:




Types of damping systems

Overdamped System(ζ>1): No vibrations will be present in an over-damped system:


Critically Damped Systems(ζ=1):


Note: Critical damping response is much faster than overdamping response i.e. in critically-damped systems, the body once displaced comes into its Equilibrium Position much faster than that in overdamped systems.

Under Damped Systems (ζ < 1):






Hence, the Amplitude of under-Damped Vibrations is not constant and it decreases exponentially w.r.t. time.


Logarithmic Decrement (δ ):



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