Full Form List: General Abbreviations Used in Science

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : May 1st, 2022

Full-Fоrm List: Аn аbbreviаtiоn is а shоrt fоrm оf а wоrd оr а sentenсe. It may refer to the group of letters or words associated with the word itself. There are many words used in the short form and it is crucial to know the full forms of those words for better understanding. Abbreviations are used everywhere including in Science, Information Technology, Banking etc. However, we people also use abbreviations in our day to day speech thus becoming an important aspect to grasp the necessary knowledge. 

We have come up with an article to know all the important full forms use in the area of science like Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will get a piece of exact information on each full form with an option to download the PDF file. Scroll down the article below and start exploring important full forms and their applications in our day to day life.

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List of Full Forms: Science Full Forms

BYJU'S Exam Prep here will provide you with a list of all the important Full Forms. The full forms here will be related to science, education and other fields. These are a few of the important acronyms for a science student who is seeking all the full form lists in one place. We will keep updating this article page Full Forms so that you stay up to date. 

1.PCR Full FormDownload PDF
2.ECG Form FormDownload PDF
3.ELISA Full FormDownload PDF
4.RIA Full FormDownload PDF
5.GPCR Full FormDownload PDF
6.FISH Full FormDownload PDF
7.GISH Full FormDownload PDF
8.NMR Full FormDownload PDF
9.ESR Full FormDownload PDF
10.PET Full FormDownload PDF
11.fMRI Full FormDownload PDF
12.CFT Full FormDownload PDF
13.MOT Full FormDownload PDF
14.DMF Full FormDownload PDF
15.DMSO Full FormDownload PDF
16.FRAP Full FormDownload PDF
17.CHIP Full FormDownload PDF
18.FRET Full FormDownload PDF
19.TCA Full FormDownload PDF
20.ATP Full FormDownload PDF
21.BiFC Full FormDownload PDF
 22.GUS and GFPDownload PDF 
23.CD Full FormDownload PDF 
24.BMP Full FormDownload PDF 
25.AER Full FormDownload PDF
26.FGF Full FormDownload PDF 
27.ELISA Full FormDownload PDF 
28.ECG Full FormDownload PDF 
29.cAMP Full FormDownload PDF 
30.ABO Full FormDownload PDF
31.EPR Full FormDownload PDF
32.IUPAC Full FormDownload PDF

Full-Form PDF Download

Download PDF for all the important full forms, providing you important Full Forms of biology, chemistry and physics. You can download here a free pdf of full forms and save them on your device. These full forms pdf will be very useful for you. 

Importance of Full Forms in Exams

Exams are one way of determining how thoroughly and relevantly a person understands concepts at a given period of time. They are one way of showcasing your knowledge into practice. Suppose if you are appearing for your exam, you may find lots of full forms which we generally use in our daily life but you forgot and not able to remember the full form of a particular word, then what will you do? Here when the BYJU'S Exam Prep comes, we have compiled a list of important full forms, you can read all the essential information about a particular full form and can save it as a PDF file.

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