UGC NET Subject List 2023: Check List of Subjects with Codes

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UGC NET Subjects 2023: The University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test is conducted for various subjects to determine the eligibility of candidates for the role of Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in Indian universities and colleges. Candidates can choose the subject of their choice from the UGC NET Subject List and appear for the exam.

Choosing the right subject is key as it determines the syllabus and the type of questions that will be asked it the exam. Hence, aspirants must pick the subject they have expertise in and have studied at an advanced level. Also, it is very important to know the list of UGC NET Subjects prescribed by the UGC. However, the candidate can appear for only one subject at a time. Candidates can select any subject from the list of 82 subjects. Earlier, there were 81 subjects, but one new subject has been added this year, i.e., Hindu Studies.

UGC NET Subjects 2023

The UGC NET exam is conducted for various subjects, and candidates must choose the subject of their choice to appear for the exam. Knowing the subjects will help candidates to make an informed decision about their area of interest and specialization. The subject list for UGC NET 2023 will be discussed in this article. Based on their master’s degree subject, candidates must choose one of the UGC NET subjects.

Paper 1 (General Aptitude) and Paper 2 are the two sections of the UGC NET. Each subject has a different syllabus, and candidates need to be familiar with the topics covered in the exam. Knowing the subjects will enable candidates to understand the syllabus and prepare accordingly.

UGC NET Subject List PDF

We have added the UGC NET subject list PDF for the convenience of the aspirants. Candidates can download the PDF and access it anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. The PDF provides clarity on the subjects offered for the exam. It lists all the subjects available, and candidates can choose the subject of their choice accordingly. You can download the PDF by clicking the direct link below.

> UGC NET Subject List PDF

Overall, downloading the UGC NET subject list PDF is essential for candidates to understand the exam, choose the right subject, plan their preparation, and avoid confusion about the subjects offered by the authorities.

UGC NET Subject List

The UGC NET subject list is a useful resource for candidates who are preparing for the NET exam. Each subject has its unique requirements, and candidates need to prepare accordingly. Knowing the subjects will enable candidates to focus on the topics that are specific to their subject and prepare more effectively. You will find the list of subjects along with the UGC NET Subject Codes in the table below.

UGC NET Subjects

Subject Codes

Adult Education/Continuing Education/Andragogy/Non-Formal Education 46
Anthropology 7
Arab Culture and Islamic Studies 49
Arabic 29
Archaeology 67
Assamese 36
Bengali 19
Bodo 94
Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies 60
Chinese 32
Commerce 8
Comparative Literature 72
Comparative Study of Religions 62
Computer Science and Applications 87
Criminology 68
Defence and Strategic Studies 11
Dogri 33
Economics/Rural Economics/Co-operation/Demography/Development Planning/Development Studies/Econometrics/Applied Economics/Development Economics/Business Economics 1
Education 9
Electronic Science 88
English 30
Environmental Sciences 89
Folk Literature 71
Forensic Science 82
French (French Version) 39
Geography 80
German 44
Gujarati 37
Hindi 20
Hindu Studies  102
History 6
Home Science 12
Human Rights and Duties 92
Indian Culture 50
Japanese 45
Kannada 21
Kashmiri 84
Konkani 85
Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management 55
Law 58
Library and Information Science 59
Linguistics 31
Maithili 18
Malayalam 22
Management (including Business Admn. Mgt./Marketing/Marketing Mgt./Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgt./ Personnel Mgt./Financial Mgt./Co-operative Management) 17
Manipuri 35
Marathi 38
Mass Communication and Journalism 63
Museology & Conservation 66
Music 16
Nepali 34
Oriya 23
Pali 83
Performing Art – Dance/Drama/Theatre 65
Persian 42
Philosophy 3
Physical Education 47
Political Science 2
Politics including International Relations/International Studies including Defence/Strategic Studies, West Asian Studies, South East Asian Studies, African Studies, South Asian Studies, Soviet Studies, American Studies 90
Population Studies 15
Prakrit 91
Psychology 4
Public Administration 14
Punjabi 24
Rajasthani 43
Russian 41
Sanskrit 25
Sanskrit traditional subjects (including Jyotisha/Sidhanta Jyotish/Navya Vyakarna/Vyakarna/Mimansa/Navya Nyaya/Sankhya Yoga/Tulanatmaka Darsan/Shukla Yajurveda/Madhav Vedant/Dharmasasta/Sahitya/Puranotihasa/Agama) 73
Santali 95
Sindhi 101
Social Medicine & Community Health 82
Social Work 10
Sociology 5
Spanish 40
Tamil 26
Telugu 27
Tourism Administration and Management. 93
Tribal and Regional Language/Literature 70
Urdu 28
Visual Art (including Drawing & Painting/Sculpture Graphics/Applied Art/History of Art) 79
Women Studies 74
Yoga 100

Tips to Select the UGC NET Subject

Choosing the right UGC NET subject is a crucial step in preparing for the exam. Here are some tips to help candidates select the right subject:

  • The first and foremost rule of choosing a subject out of the UGC NET Subject list is that candidates must appear in the subject of their Post-Graduation
  • However, candidates may appear in a related subject if their post-graduation subject is not included on the NET subject list. For instance, the subject of Population Studies (Code 015) is open to applicants who hold a Master’s Degree in Geography with a concentration in population studies or in mathematics or statistics.
  • Candidates should choose a subject that they are interested in and have a passion for. Interest in a subject will help candidates to stay motivated and engaged during their preparation.
  • Candidates should ensure that sufficient study material is available for the subject they choose. They should research and make sure that there are enough UGC NET Books and study materials available that cover the syllabus comprehensively.
  • Lastly, candidates should consider their strengths and weaknesses while selecting the UGC NET subject. They should choose a subject that matches their strengths and interests and also work on their weaknesses.

Note: In UGC NET, a candidate cannot, under any circumstances, change the subject they choose. Therefore, the candidate should select the subject carefully.

Preparation Tips for Upcoming NET Exam 2023

Effective preparation for the National Eligibility Test requires a combination of hard work, dedication, and smart study strategies. By following these tips, candidates can prepare well for the exam and increase their chances of success.

  • Make sure you thoroughly review the UGC NET syllabus and exam format before you start preparing for the exam.
  • Practice with question papers from the previous year and their answers every day.
  • Revision of all topics from the topics should be done daily.
  • Make sure you keep up with your progress by taking regular UGC NET Mock Tests.

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