CSIR NET Physics Syllabus 2023 – Check Unit-Wise Syllabus PDF

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET Physics syllabus is listed comprehensively on this page for candidates who wish to make their career in the field of Physics. The syllabus covers various topics from the field of physics, and it is important for candidates appearing for the CSIR NET Physical Science exam to thoroughly understand the syllabus and prepare accordingly. As you know, every year NTA conducts an exam to select the most talented and enthusiastic group of candidates for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Lecturership.

Candidates who know the CSIR NET Physical Science syllabus well will be able to understand the exam pattern and structure. They can also analyze the weightage of each topic and the difficulty level of the questions. Download the CSIR NET Physics Syllabus PDF for the upcoming exam cycle.

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus 2023

This article is aimed at providing the latest CSIR NET Physics Syllabus to the candidates who want to apply for the physics exam for CSIR NET 2023. Candidates are advised to begin their preparation for the exam as early as possible as the syllabus is quite vast and consists of many advanced topics. The following topics are included in the CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus:

  • Part A (General Aptitude)
  • Part B and C (Core and Advanced)

Part A of the syllabus includes questions ranging from general aptitude to general science skills, as well as quantitative reasoning and analysis, which is the same for all subjects. Part B involves the main subject topics from the CSIR NET Syllabus for Physics. Part C contains questions from analytics based on the application of the theoretical concepts of physical science.

CSIR NET Exam Analysis June 2023:

Download the CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus

The CSIR NET Physics Syllabus PDF is available for download through the link below. Candidates must go through the latest syllabus given in this document was recently released by the council on the official website. To study the detailed syllabus download the CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus PDF and elevate your preparation.

CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus PDF

The syllabus covers a wide range of topics from classical mechanics to quantum physics and includes both theoretical and experimental aspects. The syllabus PDF provides a detailed and organized overview of the entire CSIR NET Physics syllabus.

CSIR NET Memory-Based Question Papers 2023:

CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus 2023 – Topics

CSIR NET Physics syllabus consists of a total of 3 sections, that is, Part A, B, and C. We have provided the sections-wise syllabus i.e., general aptitude, core, and advanced syllabus of physical science. As discussed above, a good understanding of the detailed syllabus is essential in cracking any exam.

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus for Part A

Aspirants who are preparing for the exam must devote appropriate time to each section. Below, we have illustrated the topics listed in Part A of the CSIR NET Physics syllabus for your reference.

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus: Part A (General Aptitude)

Graphical Analysis and Data Interpretation


Line and Bar Chart


Mode, Median, Mean

Measures of Dispersion




Series Formation

Clock and Calendar

Direction and Distance

Coding and Decoding

Ranking and Arrangement

Numerical Ability


Proportion and Variation

Time and Work


Permutation and Combination

Compound and Simple Interest

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus for Part B and Part C

Parts B and C focus more on the Core and Advanced topics listed in the syllabus. Both sections require time and effort to prepare and carry significant weightage.

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus: Part B and Part C


Mathematical Methods of Physics

Classical Mechanics

Electromagnetic Theory

Quantum Mechanics

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

Electronics and Experimental Methods


Mathematical Methods of Physics

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Thermodynamic and Statistical Physics

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Electronics and Experimental Methods

Classical Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Electromagnetic Theory

Tips to Prepare CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus

It is important to have a full рrооf strategy prior to the exam to increase the chances to ace the exam with flying colors. The CSIR NET Physics Preparation Tips are given below

  • Preparing handwritten notes based on your understanding will greatly assist you in revising the topics and key points at any moment. Handwritten notes can be employed at the last minute to save time on preparations by eliminating the need to look up topics in books.
  • Covering everything isn’t enough to qualify as a well-prepared subject. Candidates must thoroughly review each covered material from time to time to ensure that they do not forget it. 
  • Revision can assist you in double-checking your exam preparation and avoiding any confusion while taking the exam.
  • Taking CSIR NET Mock Tests is an excellent way to assess your progress in covering the CSIR NET Physics syllabus.

Best Books for CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus

It is important to study the topics from the books which are recommended by the subject experts. With books, you can make notes, and mark important points in one place. The best CSIR NET books for Physics are given in the table below.

CSIR NET Physics Books

CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Physical Sciences

Dr. Surekha Tomar

Mathematical Physics 

HK Dass and Rama Verma

Modern Physics and Solid State Physics

SO Pillai

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus: Marking Scheme

CSIR NET Exаm раttern аlwаys рlаys а crucial rоle tо сrасk the Physical Sсienсe exаm. Sо, we hаve рrоvided the uрdаted exаm раttern belоw fоr Physical Sсienсes. СSIR NET Physics Questiоn Pарer соnsists оf 75 Multiрle Сhоiсe Questiоns (MСQs), whiсh is а single рарer test distributed intо 3 раrts: Раrt А, B, and С. Рleаse refers tо the tаble belоw tо knоw the CSIR NET paper pattern and a breakdown of the marking scheme for each section.

Paper Sections

Total Questions 

Marks for Each Section

Negative Marking 

Total time

Part A




3 hours

Part B




Part C




Total Marks


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With this, we end this article that is drafted for the aspiring and enthusiastic aspirants who are dreaming to make their career as a Physical Science Researcher or Assistant Professor through the CSIR NET. This article is a one-stop solution for all your queries and contains detailed information about the CSIR NET Physics Syllabus.

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