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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UGC NET History Syllabus 2023: Candidates preparing for the history subject of the exam must have clarity about the detailed syllabus. It is important to go through the topics for a better preparation strategy. The UGC NET History Syllabus consists of ten units with various topics under each. Some of the important topics include – From State to Empire, the emergence of Regional Kingdoms, Sources of Medieval Indian History, Administration & Economy, and Society and Culture. 

Candidates are advised to go through the detailed UGC NET syllabus for History provided by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and keep themselves updated with the latest changes. Download the UGC NET History Syllabus PDF here.

UGC NET History Syllabus 2023

While preparing for the Paper 2 syllabus, Candidates must also go through the detailed UGC NET Syllabus for better understanding. The UGC NET History Syllabus 2023 covers all areas of Indian history, including prehistory, ancient India, medieval India, and modern India, along with the National Movement and the post-independence period. Historical Method, Research Methodology, and Historiography are also included. Because Indian history is such a wide and complete subject, it has been thoroughly examined and organized into ten units.

In UGC NET 2023, Both papers will be conducted in a single three-hour session (i.e. there will be no break between the papers). There will be two papers in the UGC NET. Paper 1 consists of 50 questions worth two marks each. Paper 2 of UGC NET has 100 questions of 2 marks each. Only a computer-based examination will be used (i.e. online mode only).

NTA UGC NET History Syllabus Topics

Candidates can check the important units included in Paper 2 of the UGC NET History Syllabus below. The subject has been divided into the following units.

  • Negotiating the Sources.
  • From State to Empire.
  • The emergence of Regional Kingdoms.
  • Source of Medieval Indian History.
  • Administration & Economy.
  • Society and Culture.
  • Sources of Modern Indian History.
  • Colonial Economy.
  • Rise of Indian Nationalism.
  • Historical Method, Research, Methodology, and Historiography.

UGC NET History Syllabus PDF

The UGC NET History Syllabus PDF can be downloaded from the link provided below. By downloading the syllabus in PDF format, candidates can study the detailed syllabus anytime and anywhere. From the direct link provided, candidates can also download the UGC NET History Syllabus PDF in Hindi.

UGC NET History Syllabus Unit-Wise

The UGC NET History Syllabus consists of important units link Negotiating the sources, From state to empire, The emergence of the regional kingdom, sources of Medical Indian History, and more. Aspirants must go through all the topics of the UGC NET History Paper 2 Syllabus for better understanding.

UGC NET History Syllabus

Unit 1: Negotiating the Sources

Archaeological sources

Indus/Harappa Civilization

Expansion of State system

Vedic and later Vedic periods

Pastoralism and Food production

Unit 2: From State to Empire

Dissolution of Empire and Emergence of Regional Powers

Salankayanas and Visnukundins in Andhradesa

Harsha and his Times

Gupta Vakataka age

From State to Empire

Unit 3: The Emergence of Regional Kingdoms

Kingdoms in Deccan, South India, Eastern India, Western India, North India

Characteristics of Early Medieval India

Trade and urbanization

Growth of Brahminical religions

Debates of state formation in Early Medieval India

Unit 4: Source of Medieval Indian History

Rise of the Marathas & the foundation of Swaraj by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Source of Medieval Indian History

The Vijayanagara and the Bahmanis

Foundation of the Mughal Empire

Later Mughals and Disintegration of the Mughal Empire

Unit 5: Administration and Economy

Administration & Economy

Sher Shah’s Administrative Reforms

Administrative System in the Deccan

Frontier Policies under Delhi Sultanate and Mughals

Inter-State Relations during the Sultanate and the Mughals

Unit 6: Society and Culture

The Saints of the Medieval Period

The Sufis

The Sikh Movement

Bhakti Movement

Development of Education, Fine Arts

Unit 7: Sources of Modern Indian History

Sources of Modern Indian History

Rise of British Power

Establishment and Expansion of British Dominion in India

British Relations with the Principal Indian States

Revolt of 1857

Unit 8: Colonial Economy

Colonial Economy

Expansion and Commercialization of Agriculture

British Industrial Policy

Modernization of Indian Languages and Literary Forms

Indian Society in Transition

Unit 9: Rise of Indian Nationalism

Swadeshi and Swaraj

Birth of the Indian National Congress

B.R. Ambedkar

Gandhian Mass Movements

India after Independence

Unit 10: Historical Method, Research, Methodology, and Historiography

Scope and Importance, Objectivity and Bias in History

Recent Trends in Indian History

Beginnings of Historical Writings – Greek, Roman, and Church

Renaissance and its Impact on History Writing

Post–Modernism in History

UGC NET History Syllabus 2023 in Hindi

यूजीसी नेट हिस्ट्री सिलेबस 2023 हिंदी में भारतीय इतिहास के सभी क्षेत्रों को शामिल करता है, जिसमें प्रागितिहास, प्राचीन भारत, मध्यकालीन भारत और आधुनिक भारत के साथ-साथ राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन और स्वतंत्रता के बाद की अवधि शामिल है। ऐतिहासिक पद्धति, अनुसंधान पद्धति, और इतिहासलेखन भी शामिल हैं। चूँकि भारतीय इतिहास इतना विस्तृत और संपूर्ण विषय है, इसलिए इसका गहन परीक्षण किया गया है और इसे दस इकाइयों में व्यवस्थित किया गया है।

नेट परीक्षा में, दोनों पेपर एक ही तीन घंटे के सत्र में आयोजित किए जाएंगे (यानी पेपर के बीच कोई ब्रेक नहीं होगा)। UGC NET में दो पेपर होंगे। पेपर 1 में दो-दो अंकों के 50 प्रश्न होते हैं। UGC NET के पेपर 2 में 2-2 अंकों के 100 प्रश्न हैं। केवल कंप्यूटर आधारित परीक्षा का उपयोग किया जाएगा (अर्थात केवल ऑनलाइन मोड)। संपूर्ण विवरण के लिए परीक्षा पैटर्न देखें।

Preparation Tips for UGC NET History Syllabus 2023

Candidates must check the best UGC NET History Preparation Tips suggested by the experts for the targeted preparation.

  • Check the full syllabus and exam pattern of the UGC NET exam thoroughly.
  • Start preparing for the exam with a time schedule.
  • Practice with the UGC NET History Question Papers and their solutions.
  • Keep revision of all topics from the topics on a daily basis.
  • Check your progress with mock tests.
  • Study carefully and do maintain your health.

How to Score Well in UGC NET History?

It is very important to work shortly and cover all the important topics of the UGC NET History Syllabus without wasting time and effort.

  • Do smart work rather than hard work.
  • Read every concept very carefully. Never get stressed during your exam preparation.
  • Download UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers for regular practice and preparation.
  • Do not prioritize any one subject. All the units should be given equal preference.
  • Candidates must also go through UGC NET Exam Pattern for complete details.
  • Highlighted topics are very important from the examination point of view.
  • Finish the whole syllabus soon and take out time for revision also.

Best Books for UGC NET History Syllabus

Choosing the right books for UGC NET History syllabus can be a crucial step in your preparation for the exam. To complete the UGC NET History Syllabus efficiently, candidates can refer to the books recommended by the experts.

Best Books for UGC NET History Syllabus

Ancient India

A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India: From the Stone Age to the 12th Century

Upender Singh

India’s Ancient Past.

R.S Sharma

Medieval India

Medieval India Vol 1 and Vol 2.

Satish Chandra

Interpreting Medieval India: Early medieval, Delhi Sultanate, and regions (circa 750-1550)

Vipul Singh

Modern India

Plassey to Partition

Shekar Bandophadyay

India’s Struggle for Independence

Bina Chandra

A Modern India History

B.L Grover

To score higher in Paper 2, the UGC NET History Syllabus is provided here, along with key preparation techniques and a strategy for scoring higher. This article also includes recommendations for the best books to cover the UGC NET History Syllabus. We hope the information was helpful and you can check out the detailed syllabus for other subjects also by checking out the following links.

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