Frequently Asked Questions by SSC Aspirants Regarding Current Affairs

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : August 31st, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions by SSC Aspirants Regarding Current Affairs: Current Affairs is a crucial part of the SSC Exams syllabus. Students often have so much confusion about the current affairs section as how should they approach the current affairs section. Current affairs, part of the general awareness section, is the most difficult for SSC exams Aspirants to understand. Students are also sometimes perplexed as to how they should take notes and memorize current events.

In this article, we are addressing some of the most common and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of SSC Aspirants to help them prepare better and clear their queries with respect to current affairs. In addition, we are providing the Current Affairs PDF of 2023 for all SSC and Railway Exams 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions by Regarding Current Affairs

How many months of current affairs do I have to read?

Well, Looking at the question Pattern of SSC Exams, Candidates should thoroughly go through the current Affairs of Last 1 Year prior to the date of examination. Current affairs of Last 3 - 4 month before the exam is not be escaped at any cost. Around 80 - 90% of the current affairs questions are asked from the last 1 year. Although there are chances that you might see questions from 2 years back but then you have got others subjects to prepare too. So, to be safe just revise current affairs of last one year. 

You must revise important government schemes and campaigns of last 2 - 3 years because more often if questions are asked from 2 -3 years back current affairs chances are that they might be asked based on government schemes.

What is the weightage of current affairs questions in the SSC CGL and SSC CHSL Exam?

Looking at the latest SSC Exams question pattern, generally, balance between the static GK and Current affairs keep shifting. In some of the shifts candidates are asked as many as 8 - 10 Current Affairs shifts whereas in other shifts, there were only 3 - 4 current affairs questions only. So, we can expect 5 - 6 Current Affairs questions on average, i.e. almost 20% of the general awareness section and now that GK is also been included in the SSC CGL Tier 2 exam therefore this article is of utmost importance for the candidates who are planning to appear for the SSC CGL Examination 2023.

How should I prepare for current affairs? 

Current Affairs can be divided into the following sections
  • International News
  • National News
  • Awards and Honors
  • Books and Authors
  • Sports and Events
  • Government Programmes and Policies
  • Famous personalities and Persons in News

Some Tips to prepare current Affairs

  • Solve Previous Years' Papers
  • Focus More on the Current Affairs of the Last 6 Months Before the Exam
  • Solve Daily Current Affairs Quiz  

Check the detailed Preparation strategy for current affairs here: How to Prepare Current Affairs for SSC Exams 2023?

How to Make Current Affairs Notes?

Students sometimes struggle to remember all of the key elements since, before the exam, they receive a slew of notes that are tough to maintain in their small brains. Here are some pointers to help you make current affairs notes.

  • You should acquire a notebook and take small notes every day but don't write everything down. A half-page is plenty. Make a list of the most significant elements that you believe will be covered in the test.
  • Discuss significant news with your pals on a daily basis since conversation makes things simpler to recall, and you will quickly learn everything in the test.

How do read Newspapers?

  • Daily, read the editorial page of the newspaper and note down any English terms you don't understand and look them up in the dictionary. This will also help you enhance your vocabulary.
  • You should avoid reading Bollywood news because it is irrelevant to your exam.
  • Focus on world events, environmental concerns, science and technology articles, multipurpose projects, and most importantly, jot down significant information in your notebook.
  • Because you can't memorize current events in a single day or month, read them on a regular basis, debate them with your friends on a frequent basis, and revise. Do not be panicked.

Should I study current affairs daily or study current affairs 1 month before the SSC examination?

Is it even possible to memorize all the important current affairs of last 1 year in 1 month that too, month before the exam? Even if you complete reading current affairs of last one year in last one month, you won't be able to revise the current affairs. This way you won't be able to memorize current affairs and will eventually lead to confusion in exam hall. To memorize current affairs, students are required to revise the current affairs regularly.

  • It is better too study current affairs daily and practice current affairs quiz daily. 
  • If you don't want to read daily, atleast revise bi-weekly current affairs PDF provided by BYJU'S Exam Prep. 
  • You can also revise Monthly Current Affairs questions in PDF 

Which YouTube channel is the best for current affairs in the SSC CGL?

You should follow BYJU'S Exam Prep Youtube Channel for the current Affairs Live session daily. Not only current Affairs, but other important Exam updates and study tutorials are also here at BYJU'S Exam Prep Youtube channels. The Best part is BYJU'S Exam Prep has two youtube channel, one for English Medium student and the other Hindi Medium Candidates. 

Link to YouTube Channel - SSC & Railway (BYJU'S Exam Prep) (Click Here)

BYJU'S Exam Prep Current Affairs Study Material 2023

Bi-Weekly Current Affairs 2023 PDF: Click Here

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  • Yes, Current Affairs is important for SSC CGL Exam. Around 4 - 6 Questions are asked in the exam.

  •  Candidates should thoroughly go through the current Affairs of Last 1 Year prior to the date of examination.

  • Around 4 - 6 Questions are asked from Current Affairs in SSC Exams.

  • BYJU'S Exam Prep is the best site for current affairs for SSC exams.

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