ESE 2021 Achievers 90 days Study Plan for Electronics & Communication Engineering

By Mona Kumari|Updated : August 26th, 2021

Hi Gradians,

Hope you are doing well and studying hard for your upcoming exams.UPSC has released the notification for Engineering Services Examination (ESE) 2021 on the 7th of April 2021. As the ESE exam is scheduled for 18th July 2021, candidates must have begun with their preparations. ESE Exam provides an opportunity to Engineering graduates all over the country to work as Class -1 officer under the government of India and designated in public sectors such as Power Engineering, Telecommunications, Central Water engineering, Defense service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service, etc. for the position of Assistant Engineers / Assistant Directors. so we have come up with a 90 days study plan to ace your ESE 2021 Preparation

Hi Gradians,

UPSC has released the notification for Engineering Services Examination (ESE) 2021 on the 7th of April 2021. The ESE exam is scheduled for 18th July 2021, candidates must be preparing with their full effort. UPSC through ESE Exam provides an opportunity to Engineering graduates all over the country to work as gazetted -1 officer under the government of India and in public sectors such as Power Engineering, Telecommunications, Central Water engineering, Defense service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service, etc. for the position of Assistant Engineers / Assistant Directors. so BYJU'S Exam Prep came up with a 90 days study plan to boost your ESE 2021 Preparation.

In this article, we are providing a structured, effective and result-oriented 90 days study plan for ESE 2021 ECE Engineering. This daily updated study plan covers the full ESE 2021 Syllabus for Electronics & Communication Engineering Branch along with the topic-wise study notes, full subject Revision quiz and daily quiz for Technical and Non - Technical subjects practice.

ESE ECE 2021 Study Plan 2021 (Daily Updated)

Topic NameContentDate
Network Theory
Network Equation & Solution Method
Wye-Delta Transformation14-April-2021
Network Theorems & Transformation-115-April-2021
Network Theorems & Transformation-215-April-2021
Steady State Equation & Analysis16-April-2021
Time Domain & Frequency Analysis17-April-2021
Two Port Network18-April-2021
Power & Power Factor18-April-2021
Analog Electronics
Circuits Analysis and Applications of Diodes, BJT and MOSFET-119-April-2021
Circuits Analysis and Applications of Diodes, BJT and MOSFET-219-April-2021
Circuit Analysis and Applications of Diodes, BJT and MOSFET-319-April-2021
Simple Diodes and Waves Shaping Circuits -120-April-2021
Simple Diodes and Waves Shaping Circuits -220-April-2021
Single-stage BJT & MOSFET Amplifiers Part-122-April-2021
Operational Amplifiers-123-April-2021
Operational Amplifiers-223-April-2021
Timers and Filters25-April-2021
Power Supplies25-April-2021
Control Systems
Basics of Control System-126-April-2021
Transfer Function & Concept of Pole Zero26-April-2021
Time Domain Analysis-127-April-2021
Time Domain Analysis-227-April-2021
Routh-Hurwitz and Various Plots (Root Locus)28-April-2021
Feedback Principle & Frequency Response29-April-2021
Nyquist Stability Criteria & Analysis30-April-2021
Compensator & Controllers1-May-2021
State Space Analysis2-May-2021
Subject Revision2-May-2021
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Semiconductors-1 3-May-2021
Carrier Transport4-May-2021
Junction Diodes5-May-2021
Bipolar Junction Transistor6-May-2021
Semiconductor Devices8-May-2021
Integrated Circuit Fabrication Process8-May-2021
Digital Circuits
Number Systems9-May-2021
Combinational Circuits10-May-2021
Combinational Circuits10-May-2021
Sequential Circuits11-May-2021
Sequential Circuits11-May-2021
Data Converters 12-May-2021
Microprocessors 13-May-2021
Logic Families 14-May-2021
Logic Families 15-May-2021
Semiconductor Memories 16-May-2021
Signals and Sytems
Representation of Continuous and Discrete-Time Signals-1 Study notes For EE & EC17-May-2021
Representation of Continuous and Discrete-Time Signals-2 Study notes For EC/EE17-May-2021
Linear Time-Invariant System & Sampling Theorem Study notes For EE & EC18-May-2021
Fourier Series Representation of Continuous Periodic Signals Study notes For EC/EE19-May-2021
Fourier Transform & its Properties20-May-2021
Laplace Transform & Their Properties: Study notes For EC/EE21-May-2021
Z-Transform Study notes For Electrical Engineering22-May-2021
Communication System
Modulation and Demodulation-123-May-2021
Modulation and Demodulation-223-May-2021
Random Processes & Variables25-May-2021
Information Theory26-May-2021
Modulation Schemes and Decoding-I 28-May-2021
Modulation Schemes and Decoding-II 28-May-2021
Multiplexing and Digital Coding Techniques 29-May-2021
SNR, BER, and Bandwidth 30-May-2021
Electromagnetic theory
Coordinate Systems & Vector Calculus31-May-2021
Maxwell’s Equations3-June-2021
EM Wave Propagation4-June-2021
Plane Waves and Properties4-June-2021
Transmission Lines-15-June-2021
Transmission Lines-25-June-2021
Antennas 7-June-2021
Basics of Radar 8-June-2021
Light Propagation in Optical Fibers 8-June-2021
Basic Electrical Engineering
Electro-magnetism, Faraday’s & Lenz’s laws, induced EMF and its uses8-June-2021
Single-phase AC circuits9-June-2021
Transformers, efficiency10-June-2021
Basics-DC machines, induction machines, and synchronous machines11-June-2021
Electrical power sources- basics: hydroelectric, thermal, nuclear, wind, solar12-June-2021
Basics of batteries and their uses.12-June-2021
Material Science
Electrical Engineering materials13-June-2021
Crystal structure & defects14-June-2021
Ceramic materials-structures, composites, processing and uses14-June-2021
Insulating laminates for electronics, structures, properties and uses 15-June-2021
Magnetic materials, basics, classification, ferrites, Ferro/para-magnetic materials and components  16-June-2021
Nano materials-basics, preparation, purification, sintering, nanoparticles and uses  16-June-2021
Nano-optical/magnetic/electronic materials and uses  17-June-2021
Superconductivity and its uses  18-June-2021
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
Principles of measurement, accuracy, precision and standards19-June-2021
Analog and Digital systems for measurement, measuring instruments for different applications20-June-2021
Static/dynamic characteristics of measurement systems, errors, statistical analysis and curve fitting20-June-2021
Measurement systems for non-electrical quantities21-June-2021
Basics of telemetry22-June-2021
Different types of transducers and displays23-June-2021
Data acquisition system basics  24-June-2021
Computer Organization and Architecture
Basic architecture, CPU, I/O organisation, memory organisation, peripheral devices, trends25-June-2021
Hardware /software issues25-June-2021
Data representation& Programming26-June-2021
Operating systems-basics, processes, characteristics, applications27-June-2021
Memory management, virtual memory, file systems, protection & security28-June-2021
Databases, different types, characteristics and design29-June-2021
Transactions and concurrency control30-June-2021
Elements of programming languages, typical examples1-July-2021
Advanced Electronics Topics
VLSI Design: Principles, MUX/ROM/PLA-based design, Moore & Mealy circuit design; Pipeline concepts & functions2-July-2021
Design for testability, examples3-July-2021
Microcontrollers, basics, interrupts, DMA, instruction sets, interfacing4-July-2021
Controllers, their uses and Embedded systems 4-July-2021
Advanced Communication Topics
Communication networks: Principles /practices /technologies /uses /OSI model/security5-July-2021
Basic packet multiplexed streams/scheduling 6-July-2021
Cellular networks, types, analysis, protocols (TCP/TCPIP)7-July-2021
Microwave & satellite communication: Terrestrial/space type LOS systems, block schematics link calculations, system design8-July-2021
Communication satellites, orbits, characteristics, systems, use9-July-2021
Fibre-optic communication systems, block schematics, link calculations, system design10-July-2021
Full Revision Mock Test-1Attempt Here Quiz 111-July-2021
Full Revision Mock Test-2Attempt Here Quiz 212-July-2021
Full Revision Mock Test-3Attempt Here Quiz 313-July-2021
Full Revision Mock Test-4Attempt Here Quiz 414-July-2021
Full Revision Mock Test-5Attempt Here Quiz 515-July-2021
Full Revision Mock Test-6Attempt Here Quiz 616-July-2021


The Benefits of ESE EC Study Plan 2021

  • This will help you to revise all the important concepts through questions on the daily basis as per the requirement of the ESE exam for the Electronics branch.
  • The important formula and concept are covered in the notes for every topic as per the exam pattern of Electronics & Telecommunication engineering ESE exam 2021, this will help you to revise the concept and formula.
  • This will help to increase your confidence, covering all-around preparation for the exam BYJU'S Exam Prep always comes with these plans to ace your preparation for exams.

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