Weightage Analysis & Important Topics for Heat Transfer (Mission ISRO)

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Heat Transfer is one the easy and high scoring subjects which appears every in the exam from 4 to 6 questions.So, we are providing the Weightage Analysis of Heat Transfer and Important topics which have appeared in previous exams (2016 2017 and 2018)


Exam  No.of Questions No.of Marks
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2018 6 18
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2017 (Dec) 3 9
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2017 (May) 5 15
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2016  6 18

Important Topics for Heat Transfer

Exam Topics covered in the Exam
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2018 
  • Thermal Boundary layer
  • Critical radius
  • Emissive power
  • Conductivity
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2017 (Dec)
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Heat Transfer Modes
  • Conduction through walls
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2017 (May)
  • LMTD(Heat Exchanger)
  • Convection(Dimensionless parameter)
  • Thermal Conduction
  • Radiation
ISRO Mechanical Exam 2016 
  • Critical Thickness & insulation
  • Radiation concepts of grey body and weins law
  • Flat plate convection
  • Slab conduction

As per the previous year’s analysis, candidates can observe that Heat Transfer appear in ISRO Exam quite extensively and this year too we expect 6-8 questions from Heat Transfer

Practice ISRO Mechanical Exam Previous Year Papers here:

ISRO ME Previous Year Papers

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