The Type of File Used for a Woodwork is

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The type of file used for woodwork is

A. single-cut file 
B. double-cut file 
C. rasp-cut file 
D. Any of these 

Choose the correct answer from the given options and also provide a detailed solution.

Answer: C – rasp-cut file

The type of file used for woodwork is a rasp-cut file.


A single-cut file has a single row of teeth cut across its face in one direction, while a double-cut file has two rows of teeth sliced diagonal to each other. Both single-cut and double-cut files are used for metal.

The rasp cut is a hand tool and is used to file wood and other soft materials because it has individual, sharp, pointed teeth in a line.  So among the given options, “The type of file used for a woodwork is rasp-cut file“.

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