The Sensitiveness of a Governor is Given

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The sensitiveness of a governor is given by

A. (N1 + N2)/N
B. (N1 – N2)/N
C. N/(N1 + N2)
D. N/(N1 – N2)

Select the correct answer and justify your choice.

Answer: B –  (N1 – N2)/N

The sensitiveness of a governor is given by (N1 – N2)/N.

Solution:- Governor is the feedback control device in a mechanical system

  • The working principle of the governor is based on the change in rotational speed 
  • The sensitivity of the governor is defined as the maximum changes in the speed to its mean equilibrium speed 
  • Maximum changes in speed = Maximum speed – Minimum speed

                                                 = N1 – N2

Sensitivity of governor  = (N1 – N2)/N

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