The Radius of the Friction Circle is Equal to

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The radius of the friction circle is equal to______.

A. R sin θ 
B. R θ 
C. R tan θ 
D. R cos θ 

Choose the correct answer from the given options.

Answer: R sinθ

The radius of the friction circle is equal to R sinθ.


Friction Circle Method:

The stability of a finite slope is examined using this method, which is also based on total stress analysis and uses the shearing angle of θ. The fundamental idea behind the approach is that the intergranular forces are in obliquity where the angle of the internal friction of the soil to the circular surface is at failure.

A tangent to the friction circle that is drawn around the centre of the sliding circle can be used to define the line of action of the intergranular forces operating on the smaller portions of the length of the arc. R sinθ provides the friction circle’s radius.

where R is the sliding circle’s radius.

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