Curtis Turbine is

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Curtis turbine is

  1. Reaction steam turbine 
  2. Velocity compounded impulse steam turbine 
  3. Pressure compounded impulse steam turbine 
  4. Pressure-velocity compounded steam turbine 

Answer:(B) – Velocity compounded impulse steam turbine

Curtis turbine is a velocity compounded impulse steam turbine


  • In the Curtis turbine, a pair of moving and fixed blades are assembled after a nozzle.
  • In the nozzle, pressure decreases, and velocity increases, so the enthalpy remains constant. 
  • In a moving blade, the kinetic energy of the fluid is used to convert mechanical energy; as the kinetic energy of the fluid is used, velocity gets reduced.
  • The function of a fixed blade is redirecting the fluid leaving from 1st moving blade to the 2nd moving blade. In this, pressure and velocity remains constant 
  • Hence in the Curtis turbine, velocity is reduced and compounded by instating the fixed blade between two successive moving blades. So it is velocity compounded steam turbine

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