Cam and Follower is an Examples of

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Cam and follower is an example of______.

  1. Sliding pair
  2. Lower pair
  3. Higher pair
  4. Rolling pair

Answer: c. Higher pair

Cam and follower is an example of a higher pair.


The cam and follower are an example of a higher pair because there is point contact during relative motion. Kinematic pairs are divided into two categories based on the type of contact that occurs between the elements.

Lower pair

The pair that is created when two elements of a pair make surface contact during relative motion and one element’s surface slips over the other is referred to as the lower pair. You’ll observe that lower pairings are formed by sliding pairs, turning pairs, and screw pairs.

Higher pair

The pair is referred to as a higher pair if the two elements make a line or point contact when there is relative motion between the two elements. Examples of higher pairs are ball and roller bearings, and cam and followers.

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