A Single Point Thread Cutting Tool Should Ideally have

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A single-point thread-cutting tool should ideally have______.

  1. Positive rake
  2. Negative rake
  3. Normal rake
  4. Zero rake

Answer: d. Zero rake

A single-point thread cutting tool should ideally have zero rake angle.


A single point thread cutting tool should ideally have zero rake angle. The angle of inclination of the rake surface from the reference plane is known as the rake angle. It’s a crucial factor in a variety of cutting and machining processes. Positive, negative, and zero rake angles are the three types of rake angles.

Positive rake angle: It is utilized when a lower cutting force is required and for low-strength materials such as mild steel.

Negative rake angle: It is used on hard metals that demand a lot of cutting force and are machined at a rapid rate.

Zero rake angle: It is utilized in gear cutting and thread production. Zero rake is used to mill brass and cast iron.

Threading is done by a form tool. The rake angle of the forms tool should ideally be zero.

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