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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Optional Syllabus is divided into two papers, namely Paper I and Paper II. Both the papers are of honors degree level, which means the difficulty level is higher than an undergraduate degree level and lower than a master’s degree. The UPSC Optional Syllabus gives a clear picture of the topics that candidates need to put emphasis on for the optional subject preparation. The optional subject plays a crucial role in the civil services exam, and it has a high impact on the candidate’s score and overall rank in the exam. Therefore, choosing the right optional subject is crucial for success in the UPSC exam.

In this article, we are going to discuss the UPSC Optional Syllabus for all subjects. Those candidates who haven’t still figured out which optional to pick can go download the UPSC Optional Subjects Syllabus PDF and analyze the topics. Based on that, they can decide which optional subject meets their area of interest and also seems easier to them.

UPSC Optional Syllabus

There are a total of 48 Optional Subjects for UPSC. Each optional subject comprises two papers- Paper I and Paper II. When there are so many options, it can be a little overwhelming for the candidates to choose only one subject. That is why they should take a look at UPSC Optional Syllabus for each subject. As your choice of the optional subject plays a substantial role in your chances of success in the Civil Services Exam, you need to take the right decision. Below you can check out the UPSC optional syllabus for all subjects including Maths, History, Political Science, and literature subjects.

UPSC Optional Syllabus for All Subjects

Below, we have provided UPSC Optional Syllabus for all the subjects. Candidates can go through the links to check out the syllabus and get a link to download the UPSC Optional Syllabus PDF as well.

UPSC Optional Subjects Syllabus
UPSC Optional Syllabus for Agriculture UPSC Optional Syllabus- Civil Engineering UPSC Geology Optional Syllabus
UPSC Optional Syllabus- Mechanical Engineering UPSC Optional Syllabus- Husbandry and Veterinary Science UPSC Optional Syllabus- Commerce
UPSC History Optional Syllabus UPSC Optional Syllabus- Medical Science UPSC Optional Syllabus- Anthropology
UPSC Optional Syllabus- Economics UPSC Optional Syllabus – Law UPSC Philosophy Syllabus
UPSC Optional Syllabus- Botany UPSC Optional Syllabus- Electrical Engineering UPSC Optional Syllabus- Management
UPSC Optional Syllabus- Statistics UPSC Psychology Optional Syllabus UPSC Optional Syllabus- Public Administration
UPSC Optional Syllabus for Geography UPSC Optional Syllabus-Physics Optional Syllabus for UPSC- Chemistry
UPSC Optional Syllabus for Mathematics UPSC Zoology Syllabus UPSC PSIR Optional Syllabus

UPSC Optional Syllabus for Literature Subjects

There are literature-optional subjects as well. Candidates can choose any of these below-mentioned literature subjects as their optional. Below we have provided the syllabus for all the literature optional subjects for IAS Exam.

Best Books for UPSC Optional Syllabus

Every optional subject requires a different preparation strategy and study materials. However, there is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the right book for an optional subject. We have provided the best books to choose from for the UPSC Optional Syllabus.

Books for UPSC Optional Syllabus
Geography Optional Books Maths Optional Books Animal Husbandry Optional Books
Geology Optional Books Mechanical Engg Optional Books Anthropology Optional Books
History Optional Books Medical Science Optional Books Botany Optional Books
Law Optional Books Philosophy Optional Books Chemistry Optional Books
Management Optional Books Civil Engineering UPSC Optional Books PSIR Optional Books
Commerce Optional Books Statistics Optional Books Psychology Optional Books
Economics Optional Books Zoology Optional Books Public Administration Optional Books
Physics Optional Books Agriculture Optional Books Sociology Optional Books

How to Prepare for UPSC Optional Subjects Syllabus?

First, candidates have to choose an optional subject as per their interest, and then they must start their preparation as soon as possible. Below we have mentioned the best way to prepare for the syllabus of the optional subject for the UPSC Exam.

  • Students need to start preparing for the optional subject at the beginning of their preparation. There is only 4 months gap between the Prelims and Mains which won’t be enough to cover the optional subject.
  • Aspirants can start with advanced-level books as the questions would be tough. Candidates need to keep the study material at a limit, and not try to cover too many sources.
  • Mains exam is subjective in nature, that’s why it is advised to practice answer-writing as much as possible.
  • Go through the previous year’s questions paper on the optional subject you have picked. Understand the types of questions and difficulty level of that questions for effective preparation.
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