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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus should be properly analyzed by the candidates who are opting for the Gujarati literature as their optional. Gujarati is a popular language and it is mainly used in Maharashtra and Gujarat, and it is also a part of the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution. A total of 500 marks questions will be asked from the UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus. If a candidate has a solid grasp of the Gujarati language, or if he/she has studied this language in his/her curriculum then it would be easier to deal with the Gujarati literature UPSC syllabus.

Gujarati literature optional for UPSC paper has a short and well-defined syllabus. Below we will be covering the entire UPSC literature UPSC syllabus, as well as some effective preparation strategies to score big in this optional paper.

UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus for IAS Mains

The Gujarati literature optional for UPSC is divided into two papers namely Paper-1 and Paper-2. Each paper carries 250 marks, and they both accounted for 500 marks from the 1750 marks in the UPSC Mains exam. Candidates must look forward to fetching good marks in this Gujarati literature optional for UPSC papers as it will play a crucial role in their selection in UPSC Mains. Let’s take a brief look at the UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus below.

Gujarati Literature Optional for UPSC




UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus Paper-1

Gujarati Language: Form and History

History of Gujarati Literature

Literary Forms


Gujarati Literature UPSC Syllabus Paper-2


Sudharakyug & Pandityug

Gandhiyug & Anu Gandhiyug

Adhunik yug


Gujarati Literature in Gujarati Language PDF

Candidates must have an in-depth understanding of the UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus before beginning their preparation. Without a proper understanding of the topics covered in the Gujarati literature optional for the UPSC paper, it is impossible to have an effective preparation. That is why we have prepared a PDF of the syllabus. Candidates can download the PDF file directly from the given link below.

>>Download UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus PDF

UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus for Paper 1

Paper 1 of the Gujarati literature optional for UPSC is about the history of the Gujarati language, and the history of Gujarati literature which includes Medieval and modern. As we have mentioned above, candidates will face a total of 250 marks questions on these topics. That is why it is highly recommended to go through the entire UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus below.

UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus

Gujarati Literature UPSC Syllabus Paper 2

The Paper-2 of the Gujarati literature optional for UPSC required the first-hand reading of texts. The aim of this paper is to test the critical ability of the candidates, so the syllabus is designed in that way. This paper includes medieval, Sudharakyug & Pandityug, Gandhiyug & Anu Gandhiyug, and Adhunik Yug. candidates must check out the complete syllabus for this paper-2 of the Gunurati UPSC optional and Prepare accordingly.

Gujarati Literature UPSC Syllabus Paper 2



(i) Vasantvilas phagu-Ajnatkrut

(ii) Kadambari-Bhalan

(iii) Sudamacharitra-Premanand

(iv) Chandrachandravatini varta-Shamal

(v) Akhegeeta-Akho

Sudharakyug & Pandityug

(vi) Mari Hakikat-Narmadashankar Dave

(vii) Farbasveerah- Dalpatram

(viii) Saraswatichandra-Part-I Govar-dhanram Tripathi

(ix) Purvalap- ‘Kant’ (Manishankar Ratnaji Bhatt)

(x) Raino Parvat-Ramanbhai Neel-kanth


Gandhiyug & Anu Gandhiyug

(i) Hind Swaraj-Mohandas Kar-machand Gandhi

(ii) Patanni Prabhuta- Kanhaiyalal Munshi

(iii) Kavyani Shakti- Ramnarayan Vish-wanath Pathak

(iv) Saurashtrani Rasdhar Part 1-

Zaver-chand Meghani

(v) Manvini Bhavai-Pannalal Patel

(vi) Dhvani-Rajendra Shah

2. Adhunik yug

(vii) Saptapadi-Umashankar Joshi

(viii) Janantike- Suresh Joshi

(ix) Ashwatthama- Sitanshu Yash-aschandra

Gujarati Literature UPSC Syllabus for Qualifying Paper

The Paper-A of the UPSC Mains Syllabus is a compulsory Indian language paper that carries 300 marks but it is qualifying in nature. Candidates who have opted for Gujarati as their Indian Language In UPSC Mains at least score 25% to qualify for this paper. However, there is no defined UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus for this compulsory paper. Candidates need to have basic knowledge and a strong foundation in this literature subject to fetch good marks. In this paper, candidates have to deal with short essays, precis writing, reading comprehension, usage, and vocabulary.

Gujarati Literature UPSC Syllabus

Even though the syllabus of Gujarati literature optional for UPSC is short and defined, it requires a rock-solid strategy to secure good marks. The optional paper carries a total of 500 marks in the UPSC Mains exam, and it will be considered for the merit list so it is vital for the candidates to try to score as much as possible to increase their chances for the selection in UPSC Mains. Here is a full-proof plan that would definitely help the candidates ace this optional paper.

  • Get well-versed with the UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus first. It will ensure that you only focus on the required topics and make the best use of your time. We have provided the PDF file to download the syllabus above which you can take a printout and kickstart your preparation.
  • UPSC Books are the backbone of the UPSC preparation. That is why you must choose the right Gujarati books for UPSC, and allocate enough time to cover these books efficiently.
  • A robust study plan is essential to have effective preparation. Candidates need to come up with a daily, weekly, and monthly study plan to cover the UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus in the best possible way. A proper study schedule would help the candidates to complete the syllabus on time.
  • Candidates need to take a look at the UPSC Previous Year Question Paper to figure out the most important topics from the Gujarati literature UPSC syllabus and then prepare accordingly.

UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus- Best Books

Candidates can follow the right books to cover the UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus properly. For the compulsory paper candidates can choose some basic books but when it comes to the optional paper preparation candidates need access to some advanced books. We have prepared a list of all the highly recommended Gujarati Books for Both Paper-1 and Paper-2.


  • Arvachin Gujarati Sahitya ni Vikas Rekha (Adhunik ane Aadhunik Pravaho)
  • Bhasha Parichay Ane Gujarati Bhashanu Swarup- Jayant Kothari
  • Madhyakalin Gujarati Literature- Vasuben Trivedi boo
  • Bhasha Vigyan- Jayant Kothari
  • History of Gujarati Literature- Dhirubhai Thakar
  • Loksahitya- Pamphlets

Paper- 2

  • AkheGeeta – Akho
  • Chandra-Chandrawati Varta – Shamal
  • Dhvani – Rajendra Shah
  • Farbas Virah – DalpatRam
  • Ashwatthama – Sitanshu Yashaschandra
  • Hind Swaraj – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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