UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus: Download Latest Syllabus PDF

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus must be covered properly if you have opted for the Santhali optional subject in UPSC exam. Scoring good marks in the optional subject plays a signification role in determining the rank of the candidates in the IAS exam. That is why candidates must have an effective preparation and cover the UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus for fruitful results. Santhali language is spoken by the people from Assam, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, and Mizoram. It is advised that candidates who don’t have any background in this language should not pick this as their optional or they would face difficulty while covering the UPSC Santhali optional syllabus.

Those who have made up their mind to pick Santhali as their optional subject must go through the Santhali Literature Syllabus for UPSC below. We have provided a PDF file of the syllabus that would surely aid in preparation.

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus for IAS Mains

UPSC Santhali optional syllabus is divided into two papers, Each paper carries 250 marks, and the total marks carried by the Santhali optional paper is 500. Santhali language is a part of the Austroasiatic family and that’s why it sounds different from the other languages in North India and Central India. As we have mentioned above, only the candidates who have studied Santhali or used it as their native language would be able to comprehend the Santhali Literature Syllabus for UPSC properly.

Paper-1 of the IAS Santhali Literature Syllabus includes History of Santhali Language and History of Santhali Literature, Folk Literature in Santhali, and Modern literature in Santhali. Paper-2 would require in-depth reading of the prescribed texts. We would cover the UPSC Santhali optional syllabus for both papers below.

Santhali Literature Syllabus for UPSC PDF

Candidates must keep a copy of the UPSC Santhali optional syllabus during the preparation. It would make sure that they cover only the topics mentioned in the syllabus, and result in an efficient preparation. We have provided a PDF file that candidates can download through the below-mentioned link.

>>Download UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus PDF

UPSC Santhali Optional Syllabus Paper 1

Paper 1 is divided into two sections- Section A and Section B. Section A talks about the history of the Santhali language and the History of Santhali literature. Section B covers Folk Literature in Santhali and Modern literature in Santhali which is again divided into sub-topics.

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus Paper 2

It is also divided into two sections namely Section A and Section B. Sec-A of Paper-2 asks for in-depth reading of prescribed tests, and it is designed to test the critical ability of the candidates. On the other hand, Sec-B includes modern literature and it is divided into poetry, novels, stories, drama, and biography.

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus

UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus- Preparation Strategy

UPSC CSE is known for framing the questions in a tricky way. That’s why to crack an exam like UPSC candidates need to integrate hard work with smart work. Smart work means following an effective strategy that would make the best out of your preparation. Below we have listed a few points that would help you cover the UPSC Santhali Literature Syllabus effectively.

  • The first rule before beginning the preparation for any subject is to take a look at its syllabus. Candidates need to follow the same rule in the case of Santhali as well. They first need to go through the UPSC Santhali optional syllabus and understand it properly.
  • The second step is to gather all the study material required for the Santhali subject. It includes the Santhali Optional Books for UPSC.
  • Prepare a study plan that is well-balanced with the UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains exam preparation.
  • Go through the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers to find out the types of questions asked in Santhali papers.

UPSC Santhali Optional Syllabus- Books

Candidates must choose the right UPSC Books for the Santhali optional subject as they would play an integral role in their preparation. For the literature optional there are not many book options available in the market. UPSC has also mentioned some prescribed texts that need to be covered by the candidates.

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