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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC give an in-depth analysis of the branch of science that takes care of animals that are raised for Fibre, eggs, milk, meat, or other products. Candidates who have studied agriculture, life sciences, botany, dairy, and other related fields would find it easy to comprehend the Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC. the Animal husbandry UPSC syllabus includes various components and that’s why candidates need to have an intensive and wide reading by choosing the best animal husbandry and veterinary science books for IAS. candidates must complete their goals to complete the syllabus within a limited time.

Animal husbandry is divided into two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2 and each of these papers carries 250 marks. Candidates must follow the right Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC to fetch optimum marks in these two papers.

Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC Paper-1

Paper1 of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science UPSC Optional Syllabus is all about Animal Nutrition, Animal Physiology, Animal Reproduction, Livestock Production, and Management, Genetics and Animal Breeding, and Extension. To cover these topics in-depth some of the highly recommend UPSC Animal Husbandry Books are mentioned below.

  • Practical Animal Nutrition – Vishal Mudgal
  • Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition – Tiwari
  • Principles Of Animal Nutrition And Feed Technology – Reddy
  • Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding
  • On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals – William Harvey
  • Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction (Vol. 4) – V. K.Verma, Anil Gupta
  • Reproduction in Domestic Animals – Perry T Cupps
  • Commercial Dairy Farming to Produce Milk – Eiri Board
  • Profits, Costs, and the Changing Structure of Dairy Farming – James MacDonald, Erik O’Donoghue
  • Principles Of Genetics & Animal Breeding – Khan Fh, Singh A
  • Principles of Animal Genetics and Population Genetics – Dr R. ThiagarajanAnimal Genetics Vol 19 – International Livestock Research Institute

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Books for IAS Paper-2

Paper 2 provides in-depth information on Anatomy, Pharmacology, and Hygiene, Animal Diseases, Veterinary Public Health, Meat Hygiene, Technology, etc. following Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC would help the candidates cover these above-mentioned topics efficiently.

  • Text-Book of Histology Including the Microscopic Technique – Philipp Stoehr
  • Animal Cell Culture and Technology – Michael Butler
  • Introduction to Vertebrate Embryology – Waldo Shumway
  • The Prevention and Treatment of Diseases of the Domestic Animals Including Etiology and Symptoms – Kenelm Winslow
  • Advances in Medical and Veterinary Virology, Immunology, and Epidemiology – Thankam Mathew
  • Pets at Risk: From Allergies to Cancer, Remedies for an Unsuspected Epidemic – Albert J. Simpson, Alfred J. Plechner, Martin Zucker
  • Vet Epidemiology – Thrusfiel
  • Zoonoses: Bacterial Diseases – Sudhi Ranjan Garg
  • Zoonoses: Parasitic and Mycotic Diseases – Sudhi Ranjan Garg
  • Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Control of Helminth Parasites of Swine-Allan Roepstorff
  • Methods and Standards for the Production and Distribution of “Certified Milk.”
  • Pasteurization and Milk Preservation, with a Chapter on Selling Milk – John Henry 1848 Monrad
  • Pasteurization of Milk and Cream for Direct Consumption – Harry Luman Russell
  • Text-Book of Meat Hygiene – Richard Heinrich Edelmann
  • Meat Hygiene – Kavita Marwaha
  • Meat Hygiene and Food Safety – Mhd Rashid, R Agarwal
  • The Complete Book on Meat Processing And Preservation with Packaging Technology – NIIR Board of Consultants & Engineers

UPSC Animal Husbandry Books PDF

As you can see we have covered a wide range of Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC above, it would become tough for the candidates to remember these names. That is why we have covered all these books in a PDF file. Candidates can download the PDF file directly from the given link, and kickstart their preparation.

>>UPSC Animal Husbandry Books PDF

How to Cover the Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC?

When it comes to covering UPSC Books, candidates must come up with a strategic approach so that they will be able to complete these books efficiently. The syllabus for almost all the optional subjects is vast, which means candidates would need to cover several books in order to complete the syllabus properly. In the case of Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC, candidates need to follow the below-mentioned strategy so that they can fetch good marks, and increase their chances of cracking the UPSC Mains.

  • The process should start with having a grasp of the entire Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science paper syllabus. It would ensure that you are covering the topics from the books that are mentioned in the syllabus. Additionally, you can figure out the most important topics from the syllabus and start reading the books accordingly.
  • Even though we have mentioned so many books above, it is up to you to make the right choice. Choose books that you find easy to understand, and you can even ask your mentors or teachers while shortlisting the books.
  • As you are aware that the optional paper plays a huge role in your selection in the Mains exam, you need to perform astoundingly well in this subject. So first get basic books to build a strong foundation and after that, you can move to the advanced books. Without basic knowledge, you won’t be able to score well on this paper.
  • Make sure to note down important points from the Animal Husbandry Books for UPSC as it will make things easier during the revision period.
  • Don’t try to read multiple books for just one topic at a time. Get done with one book, and then move on to another to get additional knowledge on that particular topic. This process will keep you on track and you won’t end up getting overwhelmed.
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