UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books: Best Commerce & Accountancy Books for IAS Exam

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books are mostly the same as that of the commerce degree as the syllabus for commerce and accountancy for UPSC matches and coordinates well with the degree syllabus. Commerce and accountancy optional books for Paper-1 deal with the practical problems and whereas the books for Paper-2 are all about theoretical. Candidates can fetch good marks in this optional subject if he/she approaches it with practice, and clear the concepts with the best UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books.

Candidates often get confused when it comes to choosing the right UPSC books, as they have so much to cover only in a limited period of time. That is why we have added some selected UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books here. Covering these books would definitely help the candidates with building a basic foundation as well as make them ready to ace this optional subject. Let’s check out the complete commerce and accountancy optional book list for both Paper-1 and Paper-2.

UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books for Paper-1

Paper-1 of the UPSC commerce and accuracy syllabus includes accounting and finance, accounting, taxation & auditing. Candidates must build a strong foundation for these topics, and as we have mentioned above it requires practical problems solving skills. Following are the best UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books for Paper-1 that would help the aspirants.

  • Accounting Corporate Accounting – Naseem Ahmed
  • Taxation- Income Tax, Service Tax & VAT
  • Financial Markets & Institutions
  • Indian Financial System- M.Y. Khan
  • Accounting Standards- D. S. Rawat
  • Auditing Students’ Guide to Auditing- Aruna Jha
  • Financial Institutions & Markets- L.M. Bhole
  • Income Tax book by- V.K. Singhania or Girish Ahuja
  • Cost Accounting; Theory & Problems- Maheshwari & Mittal
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Management; Text and Problems- Khan and Jain

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Commerce and Accountancy Optional Books for Paper-2

Organization theory and behavior, human resource management and industrial relations organization theory and behavior are the main focus of Paper-2. This paper is theoretical and candidates need to have the following UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books that would help them understand the theoretical concepts with ease.

  • Human Resource Management- C.B. Gupta
  • Industrial Relations- T.N. Chabra and R.K. Suri
  • Dynamics of Industrial Relations- C.B. Mamoria and Satish Mamoria
  • Human Resource Management- K. Aswathappa
  • Organisation Theory and Behaviour- B.P. Singha and T.N. Chabra
  • Organization Behaviour- L.M. Prasad

UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books PDF

Below we have provided the booklist of all the above-mentioned books. Candidates can also download the commerce and accountancy optional booklist PDF file directly from the link given below. It will help them to keep a track of all the important books for UPSC Mains optional exam, and they will be able to score well.

>>Commerce and Accountancy Optional Books PDF

Strategy to Cover the UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books

While covering UPSC Books candidates must need an effective strategy that would help them cover the books efficiently. Here we will share some tips and methods that would help you to cover the UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Books in the best possible manner.

  • The preparation should begin with reading the basic UPSC commerce and accountancy optional books and enhance conceptual clarity with subsequent reading. Candidates need to learn about the vital definition and get a good grasp of the subject.
  • When you are done with the basic books, move to the advanced ones and take your preparation to the next level.
  • Note making is extremely important, so make sure while covering the books make sure to note down the diagrams, definitions, and core points. You must gather all the crucial points from all the sources from a topic.
  • Cover a topic from one book at a time as reading so many books at once for one topic would create a mess, and you will end up feeling confused.
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