UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus: हिंदी साहित्य वैकल्पिक पाठ्यक्रम, PDF Download

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus: As an optional subject, Hindi Literature is a popular choice among UPSC candidates who have a background in the development of Hindi. There are various topics included in the Hindi Literature Syllabus like the History of the Hindi Language and Nagari Lipi, the History of Indian Literature, Katha Sahitya and many more.

You should be thorough with the Hindi Sahitya syllabus for UPSC and find the topics as per weightage and your capabilities. Do make an effective plan and create a complete effective strategy to finish the entire syllabus on time. In case you are interested in the Hindi language and comfortable communicating it, pick it as an optional and get hold of the whole UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus along with its PDF.

Hindi Literature Optional Syllabus for UPSC Mains

Comprehend the UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus well as the Mains exam asks questions from this section in Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each of the papers is of 250 marks and the total is 500.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus Topics
Hindi literature UPSC syllabus Paper 1 History of Hindi language and Nagari Lipi;

History of Indian Literature;

Katha Sahitya;

Drama and theatre;


The other forms of Hindi prose are Lalit Nibandh, Rekhachitra, and others.

Hindi Sahitya Syllabus for UPSC Paper 2 Jayasi-Padmawat Shyam Sundar Das;

Surdas-Bhramar Geet Sar;

Tulsidas- Ramcharitmanas;

Kabir- Kabir Granthavali;

Maithili Sharan Gupta- Bharat Bharati;

Bihari- Bihari Ratnakar Jagannath Prasad Ratnakar;

Prasad- Kamayani;

Nirala- Rag Virag;

Nagarjun: Badal ko Ghirte Dekha Hai;

Mohan Rakesh: Ashad Ka Ek Din;

Ramchandra Shukla: Chintamani (Part I) (Kavita Kya Hai);

Satyendra: Nibandh Nilaya

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus PDF

If you wish to download the Hindi literature syllabus for UPSC, simply click on the link given below. Students must practice as many questions as possible to develop the right type of language fit for framing Hindi Literature answers.

UPSC Hindi Literature Optional Syllabus PDF Download

If Hindi is your medium for the Mains written exam, you can easily cover the syllabus in 3-4 months. Other than Hindi Literature Syllabus, you should learn about the full UPSC Mains syllabus in an effective manner to fetch a good score.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus for Paper 1

Paper 1 of the Hindi Literature optional syllabus includes the History of the Hindi language and Nagari Lipi, the History of Indian Literature. Paper 1 contributes a total of 250 marks.

upsc hindi literature syllabus

upsc hindi literature syllabus

upsc hindi literature syllabus

Hindi Literature Optional Syllabus: Paper 2

Hindi optional syllabus for UPSC of Paper 2 talks about Jayasi-Padmawat Shyam Sundar Das, Surdas-Bhramar Geet Sar, Tulsidas- Ramcharitmanas, Kabir- Kabir Granthavali, and many more other topics which are further divided into subtopics.

upsc hindi literature syllabus

upsc hindi literature syllabus

upsc hindi literature syllabus

Proven Tips to Prepare UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus

For the preparation of the UPSC Syllabus, you need to follow certain tips and strategies suggested by experts and toppers. Here are a few simple preparation tips which will help you to cover the entire syllabus of UPSC Hindi Literature Optional.

  • Do read and analyze the structure of the Hindi Sahitya syllabus for UPSC properly as it will assist you in preparing for your exam.
  • Always solve the previous year’s question papers and UPSC mock tests as it will aid you in scoring good marks in exams and this way you can find out the weightage of multiple topics.
  • Try to read the important topics under the Hindi Sahitya UPSC syllabus in detail and make key notes on them. Once you are done with this, you should revise them on a daily basis.
  • You should have a good vocabulary of the words used in the Hindi language. This is crucial as it will enable you to know about the usage of Hindi terms and phrases.
  • Make a study calendar to design things for yourself and complete the UPSC Hindi optional syllabus in a timely fashion. It is advised that you follow a good and effective preparation approach.

Hindi Literature Optional UPSC Syllabus – Pros and Cons

Choosing the best optional subject for UPSC is important, and every subject has its own advantages and disadvantages considering the exam. Hindi literature optional UPSC syllabus can be easy for some and extremely tough for others who are not familiar with the language basics.

Below are the pros and cons of Hindi Optional for UPSC that one must know before choosing or neglecting it.

Pros of Hindi Literature Optional

You should consider Hindi as an optional subject only if you have completed your Graduation or Postgraduation in Hindi or have an interest in the subject.

  • Hindi can be a scoring subject if you are extremely good at reading and writing it.
  • The Hindi Sahitya UPSC syllabus is not vast and remains fixed, so if you prepare the syllabus thoroughly, you can definitely score well.
  • You can achieve good marks with less effort if you have a better proficiency in the language as there is no limitation to how nicely you can write solutions under this section of the UPSC exam.
  • The subject can help reduce your stress levels while UPSC preparation if it interests you a lot.
  • There is less competition in the Hindi subject as less number of aspirants prefer it.
  • If your medium of examination is Hindi in the Mains exam, you can easily finish the entire UPSC Hindi Literature syllabus in 4 months.

Cons of Hindi Literature Optional

You should opt for Hindi Literature as your optional subject only if you are extremely comfortable in writing and reading the language.

  • Your writing in Hindi should be quick so that you are able to complete the exam on time and not miss any question that follows.
  • Unlike engineering or science papers, the Hindi paper is subjective in nature as it demands only personal opinions.
  • The Hindi optional syllabus for UPSC does not coincide with the UPSC GS syllabus.
  • Coaching institutes or test series are almost unavailable for preparing the Hindi Literature Syllabus.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus: Best Recommended Books

There is a recommended list of compiled books that are needed for the preparation of the UPSC Hindi Optional Syllabus exam. Some of them are given below.

Important Books Publisher Name
Aadhunik Sahitya ki Pravritiyan Namavar Sinha
Jayashree Aakalan ke Aayaam Sadanand Shaahee
Kabeer Param Anand Srivastav
Kabeer ke Sabad Dr. Sukadev Sinha
Khadi Boli ka Prarambhik Swaroop Nilesh Jain
Mahaabhoj Mulyankan ke Pariprekshya Sadanand Shaahee
Mohan Raakesh aur Ashadh ka Ek din Gireesh Rastogi
Niraala Rachita Ram Kee Shakti Pooja Bhaashy Dr. Surya Prasaad Dixit
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