UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books: Download UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Booklist PDF

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books are a vital part of UPSC preparation for the candidates who have opted for civil engineering as their optional subject. This subject deals with topics like engineering mechanics, structural analysis, the strength of materials, equipment, planning, and management. UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books are familiar for civil engineer candidates. As a technical subject, civil engineering can be high-scoring. However, candidates must choose the right IAS civil engineering books in order to perform well in this subject.

There are tons of UPSC civil engineering books available to choose from, and that’s why we have compiled a list of the highly rated and recommended civil engineering books below.

UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books

A serious UPSC aspirant would know that there are two papers for the civil engineering optional subject- Paper-1 and Paper-2. The UPSC reference books for civil engineering would help the candidates to cover both of these papers.

Paper-1 of the Civil Engineering Optional Syllabus includes Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Solid Type, and Structure. Paper 2 contains Construction Technology, Surveying, Hydrology, Environmental Engineering, etc. following are the UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books that would help the candidates to complete these topics efficiently.

  • Engineering Mechanics – Shames
  • Introduction to Mechanics of Solids
  • Basic and applied Fluid Mechanics-Garde
  • Surveying – Punmia
  • Strength of Material – V. N. Vazaram
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering – A Singh and K R Arora
  • Strength and Materials -UC. Jindal
  • Strength of material – Gere and Timoshenko
  • Concrete Technology – M.S. Shetty
  • R.C.C. (WSM) – Shyal and Goyal
  • Mechanics for Engineers- B Johnson
  • Engineering Mechanics – Mchean
  • Limit State Design – Ram Chandra
  • R.C.C. (LSM) – A.K. Jain
  • Steel Structure – L.S. Negi
  • Soil Mechanics – K.R. Arora
  • Fluid Mechanics – Modi & Seth
  • Theory of Structure (Vol – II) – Vazirani and Ratwani
  • Irrigation Engineering – S.K. Garg
  • Prestress Concrete – N. Krishna Rajee
  • Engineering Hydrology – K. Subramanya
  • Engineering Mechanics by Irvin Shames
  • Strength of Materials By S. Ramamrutham
  • Intermediate Structural Analysis by CK Wang
  • Theory of Structures by S. Ramamrutham
  • Design of Steel Structures by S Duggal
  • Design of Steel Structures By N Subramanian
  • Prestressed Concrete by N Krishna Raju
  • Handbook Of Reinforced Concrete Design by SN Sinha
  • Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics by Gopal Ranjan and Rao
  • Building Construction by Arora and Bindra
  • Construction, Planning, and Management by UK Srivastava

UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books PDF

We have compiled a list of the best books for UPSC civil engineering in a PDF file below, candidates can download the file directly from the given link and start preparing for the UPSC civil engineering optional.

>>Download UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Booklist PDF

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Strategy to Cover UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books

Covering UPSC Books is not an easy task because they include a vast range of topics. This is the same case with the IAS civil engineering books as well. There is no doubt that civil engineering optional is a tough subject, and a strategic approach while covering the books would save you both time and enhance the scope of soring big.

  • First, be familiar with the UPSC civil engineering syllabus so that you can only target the topics that are important from the UPSC exam perspective.
  • After that proceed with choosing the UPSC Civil Engineering Optional Books that you find simple and easy to understand. Also, you can seek help from your mentor or teachers to find suitable civil engineering books.
  • While covering the UPSC reference books for civil engineering make sure to note down the core points. It would be helpful during the revision period and you won’t have to turn back the pages from the books at the last moment.
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