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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Management Syllabus includes topics that are applicable to the job role of an IAS officer and day-to-day management of the office duties. The Management Syllabus for UPSC Mains offers the candidates the fundamentals of operations management, which is useful for all future managers. Additionally, the applicants chose management as their optional subject because of the ease with which materials can be accessed to cover the UPSC management optional syllabus.

Since management optional is a highly competitive subject, candidates should make sure that they complete it on time. Download the UPSC Management Optional Syllabus PDF, so that you can choose your resources wisely for effective preparation.

UPSC Management Syllabus

Even after passing the UPSC Exam, the aspirant’s management expertise is still useful. This is due to the fact that it is essential to an IAS officer’s duties. A candidate’s performance on the optional exam has a big impact on whether or not he advances to the UPSC interview stage.

The UPSC Management Optional Syllabus is classified into two papers that are Paper 1 and Paper 2 in UPSC Mains. Paper 1 and paper 2 are 250 marks each and the total marks are 500 marks.

UPSC Management Optional Syllabus Topics
UPSC Management Syllabus Paper 1 Managerial Function and Processes, Organizational Behavior and Design, Human Resource Management, Accounting for Managers, Financial Management, Marketing Management
UPSC Management Syllabus Paper 2 Quantitative Techniques and Design Making, Production and Operations Management, Management Information System, Government Business Interface, Strategic Cost Management, International Business

UPSC Management Optional Syllabus PDF

It is very simple to download the UPSC Management Syllabus in both Hindi and English by just clicking on the links below. Along with the optional syllabus, candidates should also go through the UPSC mains syllabus in an organized & comprehensive manner.

UPSC Management Syllabus for Paper 1

UPSC Management Optional Syllabus for paper 1 includes 6 topics which are further divided into subtopics such as managerial function, organizational behavior, HRM, and Financial & Marketing Management.

upsc management syllabus

upsc management syllabus

Management Optional UPSC Syllabus for Paper 2

Paper 2 of the UPSC Management Optional Syllabus includes 6 topics which are further split into subtopics such as decision-making, management information system, and more.

upsc management syllabus

upsc management syllabus

Preparation Tips for Management Optional Syllabus

Follow the given below preparation tips in order to excel in the UPSC Management Optional.

  • Look over your syllabus: The candidates must analyze their complete UPSC Management Optional Syllabus before the exam. You can check the descriptive UPSC syllabus, from which you can get help in learning important topics.
  • Focus on the important topics: Make sure you go through the UPSC previous year’s question papers to know the weightage of multiple topics.
  • Make concise notes: It is a very good habit if the candidate makes small notes for particular topics such as formulas, definitions, important concepts, etc. To grasp easily, you can also design flow charts or diagrams that will comfort you in learning the concepts fast.
  • Must study the theoretical concepts: The candidate should go through the theoretical concepts of the Management Syllabus thoroughly from the standard UPSC books and notes that are available.

Booklist to Cover UPSC Management Syllabus

Given below is the organized list of Management Optional books to which candidates can refer for the preparation of the Management Optional Notes.

Important Books for UPSC Management Optional Publisher Name
Cost and Management Accounting MN Arora
Financial Management Prasanna Chandra
Fundamental of Management DeCenzo, Agarwal, Bhattacharya & Robbins
Human Resource Management K Aswathappa
Marketing Management Philip Kotler
Business Environment AC Fernando
International Business Hill and Jain
Strategic Management Hill and Jones
Operations Management Heizer and Render
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