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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Highest Marks in Geography Optional were achieved by Pratham Kaushik, in UPSC 2017 Exam. The Geography Optional Topper scored 327 marks out of 500. Every UPSC optional exam contains two papers of 250 marks each, totaling the marks to 500 for both papers. To be able to attain the highest marks in UPSC optional ever, the candidates must have a comprehensive knowledge of the exam, as well as of the subject.

Geography is considered the most popular optional subject for UPSC. Students commonly refer to the Geography optional strategy by toppers to score the highest marks in Geography. Preparing Geography optional for Prelims already completes half of the Mains syllabus. In this article, we will shed light on who got the highest marks in geography optional and why it can be the perfect optional subject for you!

Highest Marks in Geography Optional

Before opting for a perfect optional subject, candidates should know the highest marks obtained in that subject by other applicants. Geography is one of the most preferred and scoring optional subjects of the UPSC Mains exam.

The latest UPSC topper with Geography as an optional subject was in 2017, with AIR 5. Ira Singhal secured AIR 1 with Geography optional subject, even though she had no experience in Arts or Geography.

Geography Optional Toppers Answer Sheet

It is crucial for aspiring UPSC candidates to look at the Geography optional toppers answer sheet, which will give them an idea of how they can score good marks in this particular subject.

The subject is viewed as the best-scoring optional subject. The topics under the Geography section include diagrams, flowcharts, and mnemonics, that are easy to understand and memorize.

UPSC Toppers Geography Optional Toppers Answer Sheet PDF
Saumya Pandey Saumya Pandey Geography Optional Answer Sheet PDF
Naman Goyal Geography Optional Topper Answer Sheet PDF
Sunil Dhanwantra Hindi Geography Optional Topper Answer Sheet PDF

Strategy Opted by Geography Optional Toppers

The applicants can acquire a lot of observations by referring to the Geography optional toppers answer sheet. First and foremost, the candidate must be aligned with the Geography Optional Syllabus and books that they should refer to.

  • Students can effortlessly make Geography notes using bullets from different sources, as the Geographical facts are almost identical in every online website and book;
  • The subject is in sync with the latest Current Affairs news, so reading the best newspaper daily along with some good books can save time;
  • Students should not go for mugging up the subject at the last minute. Instead, they should keep revising the important sections by considering appropriate examples;
  • Preparation for UPSC Prelims and Mains should be done simultaneously and in an integrated manner.

Geography Optional Highest Marks

Junaid Ahmed (AIR – 3) scored the highest marks in the Geography in UPSC 2018 exam after Pratham Kaushik whose Geography Optional Highest Marks were 327 in UPSC 2017. Junaid was an engineer by profession and had no prior background in the subject.

Mentioned is the latest list of UPSC Toppers who attained the highest marks in Geography optional subjects, along with their marks.

Year Geography Optional Toppers Highest Marks in UPSC Optional Ever
2017 Pratham Kaushik 327
2016 Shweta Chauhan 326
2018 Ajay Jain 324
2018 Junaid Ahmad 321
2014 Ira Singhal 306

List of Geography Optional Toppers

Given are the names of the Geography optional toppers along with the years in which they took Geography as their optional subject. The All India Rank has also been mentioned.

Name Year Rank
Kalpashree 2021 291
Anjali Shrotriya 2020 44
Divya Shakti 2019 79
Junaid Ahmed 2018 3
Pratham Kaushik 2017 5
Ayush Sinha 2017 7
Saumya Pandey 2016 4
Shweta Chauhan 2016 8
Athul J 2016 13
Ira Singhal 2014 1
Suharsha Bhagat 2014 5
Charusree Thiagarajan 2014 6
Aditya Uppal 2014 19
Chanchal Rana 2013 7
Mangesh Kumar 2012 4
Abhiram G Sankar 2011 4
Pulkit Khare 2011 5
Amit Khatri 2011 11
Vinay Pratap Singh 2011 14
Rahul Ashok Rekhawar 2011 15
Hephsiba Rani Korlapati 2011 20
V S Choudary Kolasani 2011 26
Haulianlal Guite 2011 33
Shiv Sahay Awasthi 2011 34
Iva Sahay 2010 3
Tarun Rathi 2010 19
Kumar Prashant 2010 26
Anurag Chaudhary 2010 34

Highest Marks in UPSC Mains Geography Optional

Candidates can search for the Geography optional toppers answer sheet to score good marks in this optional subject. Students can also refer to Geography NCERT notes and practice relevant topics asked in both Prelims and Mains.

Aspirants can be familiar with who scored Geography’s highest marks in UPSC and watch their success stories online. In case candidates are still perplexed about which is the best Optional Subject for UPSC, they can visit the link to learn about the most scoring optional subject.

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