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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Tamil Optional Syllabus is very well defined by the Union Public Service Commission for candidates willing to take it as their optional. Tamil is included in the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution and enjoys the status of an official language of the Union of India. It is one of the oldest languages used in the country.

Tamil, as a language is used in Tamil Nadu, parts of Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. The candidates who have opted for Tamil optional must check out the UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus. To ensure that as a candidate you are fully prepared for the upcoming UPSC Exam, go through the complete Tamil Literature Optional UPSC Syllabus mentioned below.

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for IAS Mains

Tamil, belongs to the Dravidian family of languages and has a long and well-documented history of various literary works in prose, poetry, religious and scientific domains. The write-up contains detailed information and strategy to cover the UPSC Tamil Optional Syllabus. The Tamil Literature Optional UPSC Syllabus is well defined and answers for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the Tamil optional paper in the UPSC Exam should be written in Tamil script only.

The UPSC Tamil Optional Syllabus is small as compared to other optional subjects and does not require frequent updation. The IAS Tamil Literature Syllabus is pretty much static.

As we know, the optional papers consist of two papers, Paper- 1 and Paper- 2. Both the papers are 250 marks each, making a total of 500. A good score in the optional paper of the UPSC Exam can improve the rank drastically. It is advised that the candidate should always keep the syllabus handy so that he/she does the smart work, along with smart study.

Below, we have covered the Tamil Literature Optional UPSC Syllabus for both Paper-1 and Paper-2.

Tamil Literature Optional UPSC Syllabus Highlights

The candidates with a good command of the Tamil language can choose Tamil Literature Optional for UPSC. The Tamil Literature Optional UPSC Syllabus includes the history of the language, the cultural heritage of the people, its literary history, and recent trends in the study of the language. The Tamil Literature Optional Booklist includes important works from the times of ancient, medieval, and modern Tamil literature and the various forms of writing and genres used by Tamil writers.

Paper Topics Covered
Paper 1
  • History of Tamil Language
  • History of Tamil Literature
  • Devotional Literature (Alwars and Nayanamars)
  • Recent trends in Tamil Studies
  • Folk literature in Tamil
  • Cultural Heritage of the Tamils
Paper 2
  • Ancient Literature
  • Epic Literature
  • Devotional Literature
  • Poetry and Prose of Modern Literature
  • Novel, Short Story and Drama
  • Folk Literature

One should choose the right UPSC Books for the optional subject, cover the entire UPSC Syllabus and ensure that they clear the UPSC Cutoff with a good margin.

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper- 1

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper- 1 includes the history of Tamil language and literature, devotional literature of Alwars and Nayanamars, recent trends in Tamil studies, folk literature in Tamil, and the cultural heritage of the Tamils.

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper- 1
UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper- 1

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper- 2

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper- 2 includes the texts from ancient, epic, devotional literature. The folk and modern literature parts of the syllabus include prose, poems, novel, short stories and drama.

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper- 2
UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus for Paper-2

UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus PDF

Once the candidate is familiar with the paper pattern and the syllabus has been clear to him/her, the next step is to proceed with the initial readings of the prescribed texts. All the topics mentioned in the UPSC Tamil Literature Syllabus must be covered from the original sources/texts. To help the aspirant in preparation, we have made a PDF on the Tamil Literature Optional UPSC Syllabus. Download it! And start your full-fledged UPSC Preparation.

Download UPSC Latest Tamil Literature Syllabus PDF

How to prepare IAS Tamil Literature Syllabus?

The UPSC Mains Syllabus is exhaustive and the UPSC Exam may seem confusing and daunting at times. But not to worry, with the right UPSC Preparation Strategy and guidance, one can Clear the UPSC Exam in First Attempt itself. The optional paper is the trickiest part of the UPSC Mains Exam, and to ace it, one should structure the syllabus and proceed further with the detailed reading of the Tamil Optional Books.

Reading original texts and having a unique writing style that reflects individuality is very important in literature. Giving analogy and comparison with other language literature is needed in UPSC Mains answers. Doing this adds to diversity and uniqueness in answers. All this can be achieved only when one practices UPSC Previous Year Questions and takes mocks.

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